Let talk soil. Im new so all info is good info

Let talk bout soil. Yall. Cause I read alot on here but sum time its like the question b answered but not all the way.
So let start here im in usa so we gon speak on usa soil. N best ones n sites.
So my first grow i used great lakes water only soil. N to me it works great already mix. So from bag to pot. But this is my first grow so I was wondering wat if im not able to get this soil. Wat would my next option b. N yea the people at the flower shops ok but they b talking bout real :blossom: and im growing grown ass trees. :laughing: so I figured let us great mind talk about it…

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I think your probably gonna hear about the top picks.

  1. Fox farms ( many options happy frog, ocean, etc.)
  2. Promix
  3. Any other super soil (the soil pictured is in that category)
    Most can be found online or thru the dealers list on the manufacturers websites. Hope I helped answer some of your questions.

Great Lakes super soil isn’t on the the list. Just add water.

I agree with @SKORPION

You’ll hear those top two along with coast of main, blue sky super soil, sohum, kind soil etc.

Then there are lots of recipes to make your own but that’s not what you are asking about.

My thoughts on soil, I grew In it for a while:

Its not a good medium for cannabis unless outdoor is what your doing and your weather is good.
Coco is much better.
Anything with peat should be avoided, it’s terrible to harvest from the environment and it compacts which isn’t ideal.
Soil should have at least 30% Perlitre as cannabis prefers airey soil to grow in.

Soil needs to be layered for better results, start in light, move to medium and then super soil. If soils to light you won’t get good growth for very long but if it’s to rich then growth is slow and may burn plants at the start.
Also containers need to be large if your going to go seed to harvest with no nutrients.
If your going to add nutrients why grow in soil? The math of tds, the slower growth, smaller yeilds, having to byy and store/use nutrients… Might as well be in coco.


Don’t most just add water soils still require a tea regiment, I never understood the difference adding nutrients or adding teas that add nutrients. Sounds like the same thing just more organic.


It is the same, it’s a way to add nutrients.
Some soils claim you don’t have to do anything but add water like sohum and kind soil.
Youll never get the same yeilds though


Thanks man, I considered doing a few in purple cow organics. Another water only soil but was curious.

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Those soils are great for outdoors.

Start a plant in light soil in a solo cup (add perlite) , pot it up to a lighter mix like fox farms happy frog (30% perlite) , then dig up a hole in the outdoor ground and add a bag of super soil.
That will grow a good plant if you have the climate.
But otherwise… Meh


Yea i just found sum good soil. On illinois grower club. Yess im n Chicago. So found this super soil. N i love a product that come wit sum type of proof of work. (On you tube check them out) so this is the soil n sum very interesting thing they have. I will be trying them out this week eit my new seed from ilgm.

well i have just water only soil. N i didn’t not put anything exter in the soil i use the first time so im not complain im just trying to have good options. Just in case. But here sum my pics on mine

the last pic is most recent n they 6week n grew in 3gallon pot no transfer

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wym n y isn’t it. Cause it do b hard looking them up online. I just came across them wen i went to Chicago roots n they suggested it.

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N that y i say I like stuff that gives proof. Mayb I need to do a YouTube video for great lakes cause u kno that wat my babies been doing good in

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exactly n I only ask because I watch mr canuck all the time so u kno how irritating it b to try to get the same gai green or soil or certain thing n his link are to Canada stuff… n im new to all this I recently just got root mycro stuff to help.

Fun fact peat isnt as bad as people claim if it’s from Canada their peat bogs regenerate at a rate of 2x as fast as is harvested


@Queensly I’m in Florida. I ordered fox farm ocean forest off Amazon. I didn’t add anything just used as it. It’s been great for me. Doesn’t need nutes for around the first 6ish weeks with it also so it really is nice soil. Not sure if you’ve read, but it’s a very preferred soil on here.
Hope this helps.

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I moved from fox farms to Roots Organics soil. It has been a incredible change. I personally would never buy FF or OF if Roots is available. But everyone has there personal preference. Peace


Next grow I’d recommend filling those pots to the top with soil. It looks like you have taken some of your 3-gallon pots and turned them into 1-5 to 2 gallon pots. Roots love as much soil to play in as possible. Happy roots, happy plants, happy plants, happy farmer.

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@Andy77 Andy here’s another post discussing the organic soils.

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Your in Canada @Queensly?
I am as well.

@GreenSnek not sure where you found that fun fact but to my knowledge that is a false statement.
The Peatland Ecology Research Group (PERG) ran by the university of Laval which receives funding from Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss Association have studied the industry for over 30 years and continue to do so. They have found it takes 15 years before the restored boggs become functional and another 15 years before they can return to net annual carbon sinks.
This means it takes 30+ years before the pest you device to plant in your potters can return to how it was once trying to deal with the massive problem facing humanity of climate change due to rising carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere.
This is humanitys largest challenge to dare and we as a species are failing to counter this trend which may very well lead to the extinction of humans as well as countless other species.
Peat boggs were created over thousands of years and we are tearing them apart at a pretty fast rate compared to that, although forestry is an even worse issue.

So try and use coco and not peat products if you have kids or plan to live on this earth another 20 years =p, do your little part in life.

Anyways here is my plants at 3 weeks & 2 days.


This Is a second source (the original was a video)