Let’s Talk About Clones

So once my clones have roots showing, do I remove them from the Rockwool or plant the whole plug. Also, should the dome be over the clones until planting or should it be removed after roots start growing?? @raustin @PurpNGold74 @Whodat66 @Countryboyjvd1971 @dbrn32

I kept my clones in dome until I planted, and used rapid rooters. Would place entire rapid rooter into medium. Haven’t used rock wool so I’m not exactly sure, but I would guess similar process.


Thanks for the tag Mr. bulk/quantity/room-galore dude, but I can’t help with clone questions. Honestly, until I get down to my last few seeds I plan to become the seed-dirt-expert (LOL it rhymes). When I’m good at that I’ll move on to the next process. No DWC, not coco, no outside, etc. and I think smaller plants with a ‘craft-grow’ dedication will be my leanings for the next few years.

No, you don’t have to remove them, just plant the whole thing into soil. I would keep the dome on until you plant them.

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Hahha. I have no quantity as of yet. I do want the best possible product though too. Artisan growing is the only way we can survive once big biz hits the industry.

Thanks. There are nubs and a few short roots. Is it too soon to plant them?

As long as you see roots, you can plant them.

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Yippie!!! Something to do today!!!

Luckily I saved my original blurple light so I veg these until my current grow is done flowering.

I have transplanted rockwool cubes straight into soil and it works great.

In Hydroponics i try and gently tear it off without disturbing the roots.
Here’s a clone where it all came off nice and clean.


I take it off my clones in hydro, not germinated seedlings though, they are to fragile. I did this because i use a top feed and the cube holds water longer than the medium (clay pebbles) and will hold moisture right on the stem, which i don’t like. So when i can take it off a clone that is going into hydro them i will try and tear it off


Wow. My roots aren’t like that yet. That’s impressive. I’m a soil guy so I’ll leave it on there. How long did it take to get roots like that. Also,my clones are a lot smaller.

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Another dumb question. Can I use the FFOF or should I start a little milder.

About 2 weeks I think it’s been awhile

Those are some nice roots!

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