Let’s start a forum of our grow tent set ups 🤘🏻

What’s up guys! Let’s get a forum going of set ups. I’m building onto my home, and going to add a hidden room (not so hidden if everyone sees it :joy:) but I’m looking to see some grows with tents/ without tents. I’m running a HLG 300W, and a Spider Farmer 100W. I have 2 Auto widows, and 1 WHITE LSD. She had some cal mag issues, but finally got her straightened out, about a week from harvest. Guessing 250-300 G wet. Really dense buds! Using fox farm this grow. Probably be booking my 3 auto pots up, and my reservoir shortly. I’ll probably do a video for that, I’ll make sure to post a link up if it’s aloud on here ! @Nicky I’ve always been interested to see your set up bro, I’ve seen pictures here and there


And the fur friend of yours, but never the full grow!
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It is but would need be uploaded from YouTube.

That LSD is looking phat!

This is my “grow tent”

This is the access point:

And what it looks like from the front:


That’s a cool ass set up @Bobbydigital!


Very nice set up guys! @Bobbydigital that’s next level brother!


Ok that is badass! That’s exactly what I looked at online. But I couldn’t find a mirror like that, so I’m gonna order the glass and trim it up myself, and hinge it. I’m assuming you did that? And rigged your own lock? I’m gonna use a PIN number lock door for mine. Way I see it is if they want in and know they will rip the drywall out :joy:


Also AC/ infinity sells vents with fans that push 140cfm for $60 with digital controls for the bottom of that stove to pull air out !

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Those autos are looking good bro! You have a nice set up too! Looks like you’re dialing it in! That’s always exciting to see!

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Yeah it’s a 3/4” mdf door. I used heavy duty cabinet hinges (4) for the door and magnetic latches so it requires certain magnet placement to open the mirror door. Then the inner door has an electronic lock that you find on vaults/safes. The mirror I had made at a glass shop. I tried cutting my own but couldn’t score it well enough and kept breaking it. I’ve got about 35 years of bad luck coming my way, lol.


My ac infinity is on the bottom pulling in cool air from the living room and my other fan is mounted to the ceiling and exhausting outside.


You did amazing bro. My tent is so small. My room is a 20x10 I’m building now so it’ll be cool to see it when it’s done


They look beautiful

Love the nirvana :joy:

Would love to have that much space! When I can legally kick these kids out I’ll have a couple 12x13 rooms to play with, lol.


It’s a sticky trap. Got a house fly in there and he was pissing me off. But I got him!


I’m in the same boat man. But I use the AC/Infinity, the cloud line. I’m gonna run 2 under my house, or in the ceiling, and run a drop ceiling with all my duct work above the drop ceiling. Use the wires from the drop ceilings to hold everything else up as wel, I bought some nice “S” hooks for the ceiling to hand the lights from. I’m running 2 lights, so I fire I’ll run these two, my two blurple vioerspectras, and get 2 more HLG, or Spider Farmers. I’m trying to keep cost low. My power bill is $180 a month now lol

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I get yellow jackets, and flies as well

What plants you have going?

This is that register booster. $79.00 160CFM. It’s nice. Would look good below that stove, and help passive ventilation. I see you also have the ac thing in there. I ran a 4”-6” reducer to my trunk line and hooked it directly in there, and programmed mine to run between 72-77, and it stays 77

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My ac infinity is connected to the register below the fireplace for my intake. It’s pulling in cold air from the living room at 180 cfm. Then the exhaust is running at about 210 cfm and exhausts outside. Right now I’m running a laughing Buddha and a maui waui.