Let’s see your scars

I have more but that’s my “nicest” one
2 rods - first one kinda broke and was replaced then that one was removed for safety. Bone graph skin graph muscle flap…blah blah blah.

So what you got?
Post em up


Well I got a toe fungus once LMAO! (sorry; couldn’t resist)

That was gnarly! Automatic ouch when you see that haha.


Yeahhh, um… I don’t want to embarrass myself by showing my nicks after that one…

And I was expecting a bunch of supercrop knuckles!


Not even going to try, thats a good one you win sir!

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Goes all the way to my shoulder


You sure that’s not a fake tattoo and you ran an eraser up your arm?

That’s gnarly.


I’ve have way to many battle scars but this is my nearest one where a Neurosurgeon went in and drilled holes in my vertebrae so two nerves that go to my left hand. It helped give me feeling in that side again.

This procedure was only to be 2 hours long and about a 1” scar. Unfortunately it was over 4 hours and she had a hell of a time cutting into my neck. It’s massive with lots of muscle she said. Scar is over 5” long.

I have had over 1200 stitches put in me and that is a low ball number.

I’ve been in a Operating Room over 30 times.


It’s the real deal. I was a heroin addict and was snorting coke, morphine 60s and drinking xanax out of the bottle. Laid on my arm for 12+ hours before someone found me. Ended up getting 6 surgeries on arm-front and back and 4" scar on my chest. No bicep on right arm and half my forearm muscles were removed. I died on the way to osu and had a heart attack in ICU. This was 11ish years ago. The scar goes from the top of my shoulder to the wrist. Then I have one the goes down the back of my tricep. Then the 4" on chest


Ummm, wow! I knew it was a real scar but that story is REAL.