Let’s see your buds right now

Sorry, it’s a Blue Dream Auto.


How many plant do you have in that space? I’m using a 4x4 also and wanted to make sure I maximize my grow space but don’t don’t want to grow unnecessary plants either. Thanks for pic nice to see what can be produced.

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I have 4 plants going this time, but the first two grows were 5 plants each. I generally let them veg for 7-8 weeks. You can juggle the quantity and veg time to suit your space. I’ve been sticking to indica dominant strains so far, but if I were to do Sativas, I would probably grow less plants and run them in a SCROG to maximise the coverage of the canopy. :+1: :face_with_monocle:

Hello greenhouse! 59 deg F this morning most welcome and putting some purple on the GDP. Autos on the hydro system to the left. Big one is ILGM California Dream photo, little afghan auto in front, and tent is ILGM Purple Haze photo, flipped 6/23 and flowering started 7/1. Waiting on Calif to flower. Autos all started flowering around 6/23.

GDP bud.

Btw, I cannot stay out of that greenhouse and garden! I am gonna need a greencard if I get any browner.


Let me get my Bush hat,whip and chair and I’ll join you.


Right on!



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Wahoo! Bro! Lol that’s a great photo!

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Sour Diesel


Wow those are monsters :+1:

thanks man. i cant wait for them to dry. if its good ill definitely grow it again

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Gelato auto- dry time…


Nice buds!!! Love Gelato :+1::+1::facepunch:


Trying to catch up on forum and ILGM locked me down on ‘likes’ but big like on all y’alls buds!

You seriously need to get you some of this stuff. it is all in French and I have no idea what is in it but it smells amazing, like vetiver or cedar, is oily but not lingering oily, and makes trimmingand handling the harvest soooooooo much better on your hands, etc. I use it when I roll joints as I tend to roll about 10 to 20 at a time. I picked it up online at some hydroponic store and needed spend a few dollars more for free shipping. I am ever glad. Believe me, get this and you will think well of me every time you use it! :sunglasses:


nice man… u still doing M G as your soil? if so looks like you got it figured out

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yes sir. just picked up a couple more bags to get started again.

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Nice haul from your Gelato auto. Checked out yer grow journal to see how the ride went for you.

I’m currently a few weeks in flower with my ILGM Gelato photos. It’s my second grow to date and so far this one is kicking good! I’m using Jack’s nutes and have em under an HLG 650r. Yeah, I should’ve made my own journal but it was an inagural grow with my “upgrades”. Living and learning!

Sweet Buds! Will keep yours bookmarked to hear about the updated smoke report.

Peace :v:

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