Let’s see your buds right now


Couple buds off my WWA and finally starting to see the amber tricomes. Hoping for hackn her down in a couple of weeks.


Looking good for sure! Any Idea, what the weight you think you will pull off this baby?


Look’in good there @Dman1969!!! She will be a monster once she puts on some weight!!! Excellent color too!!!




Painfree, she is a worth showing off for sure. Sweet!


what u guys think getting close


Looks beautiful!!! Check your trichomes with a jewelers loupe


Gotta be my favorite thread!

That Girl is phat! She is so sexy! Dang it!

She looks like some of the Grape Stomper I have.


@kw_Bat @basementstealth Thank u. I cant wait to get the next one going but have to wait till after april. Going to vegas for a week and dont trust anyone around here to help take care of some plants. I wanna smell that grape stomper. I cant wait to smoke some. @basementstealth i have they still alot of clear. Getting a new microscope on monday guessing they will be really close by then. Going to ph water again tonight try to get my ppms finally down to nothing.


Here’s the latest pick of my bushy baby. :sunglasses::v::call_me_hand:


Ok that does it, this thread will be my morning read through,
It is so refreshing to see all the positive grow data out there!

Dman, Coming on quite well! I see nice growth in 10 days or so! Kick it man!


Thanks :v::sunglasses::call_me_hand:


She’s just starting week 4 flower today


Lots of nice buds on here. Here is one of my OG Kush, she has been in the dark since friday. She will be hanging upside down tonight :wink:

And this is 1 of my beautiful GSC that was cut down last weekend :grin:


All I can say is WOW :open_mouth:!!! Awesome job!!! :+1::+1::+1::+1:


1/8 of my one bubblegum plant




Looking great! Just started 5 og kush auto and aftrr seeing this picture im pumped! Take care


here is a super skunk auto i recently grew in soil, very little to no nutes, 400 watt hps, from seed to harvest total of 10 weeks and yeilded 7 ounces 3 grams , beautiful plant but wasnt big on the flavor of it


Look at that top. .Dang it boy!

Taste was bad?