Let’s see your buds right now


3rd time I have grown Blueberry and every time I have a Calcium problem late in bloom. I feed them Cal-Mag from about 6 weeks on, just wondering if I should start it earlier?


I feed cal mag from the start of veg


Sweet thanks, I’ll give it a try.


Is this almost done


Looks good! Nice!


It’s never enough. Now i want more flavors


I think you got a couple weeks st least.


42 days flowering.


Beautiful! Will not be long now


I picked a bud just to see a sample it is.my firts
Plant did a quick dry and here’s how it looked after


I bet I’m over here waiting for the first batch to finish :grin:


I still got a ways to go but had to throw this in there lol


Wow those look freaking awesome. Great job.


Nice, Perfect! Mr. Green U live up to your name! LOL


@Painfree man I want this thread to keep goin.

I know it hasn’t been but 3 days but she’s kickin ass :sunglasses::call_me_hand::v:


Those have to be the most beautiful house plants I ever seen.

Who needs the ones from Walmart?


Thanks they still got a little ways to go​:sunglasses::v:


Dman1969, Hey, how do you like that light you have? Any comments on it?

I seen a used one at the hydro store yesterday for 85 bucks… Bulb ballast and all.


How long do you figure helpers? Going on 8 weeks in a couple days


Working great for me but I was told that’s for a 3x3 grow space and that one plant is damn near 4x4 it’s a ipower 400w mh/hps. I payed a little over 100 bucks