Let’s see your buds right now

Week 3 of flower:) Gold Lead and Bruce Banner.


Yes that is true

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@BigJ Hey my man, what was ur take on the buds being completely different? What happened was I had 3 seeds left from last year. 2 of’em died pretty quickly after sprouting. (3 weeks). I ordered more and had them in 7 days. Sprouted 2 more and here I am today. Just wonder if I was sent something other than AK-47 by accident??? Not a clue?


Yes , was a new strain he was working on. He is real big into the genetics and phenotypes creating potent ,flavorful strains that grow fairly quick he also has a clone business along with his grow shop. One strain he created called plum head is a crazy purple color like the children’s character Barney. small buds but very potent , once I perfect my skills on indoor a little more ,gonna go see him for a few clones … see for myself.

Very good possibility, depending on seed bank or source of seeds, hell I got 4 seeds from the same bud and all 4 plants were different I kept 3 and gave my brother one. 2 were done 8 1/2 weeks. (Just chopped) Both green and smell slightly different from each other, 3rd is the purple plant I have still going,it has smaller super dense hard as a rock buds and the 4th my brother has smells different yet and grew taller and more spindly than the bushes I had he is only 3-4 weeks into bud. But he vegged his like @MrPeat 5-6’ tall. Seeds can be inconsistent, even from same plant so it is always a mystery on how there gonna grow, I like the inconsistency for the different variations , but occasionally get clones for a known outcome. Lol

****all done now for the cure


Awsome pics and really like ur cool drying rack . . . Homemade?:point_up:

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Setting up drying areas in a pinch…

Peyote Critical
Week 9 flower. Wish I could harvest her this weekend but show won’t yellow! Flush girl flush!


6th week of flower


That be going on my friend nice job

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Hoping I end up with 3/4 ozs. I think about 4 more weeks maybe??? Flipped on 12/28 allowing 2 weeks for transition, I say 6 weeks aprox.the cola’s are starting to lean over a bit, I am going to have to support them somehow as they are getting fatter everyday.


I am having a problem though. Every time I look in the tent I get this shiit eating grin that lasts about an hour. And that’s without even smoking it.


It’s an old fly wire screen off a window

And a cloths rack

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How things going, you see any change in the ladies yet?

she’s going into dark middle of the week.


Took my first small plant from this grow. She was 70 days into flower. As you can see she was less than 2 feet tall, she was the runt. My guess is somewhere between 35 and 50 grams dry. She is very dense, rock hard


Accidental removal. Pulled a little to hard bending branch down checking trichomes and snapped right off. Few days early. But apparently meant to be. Lmao. LA CONFIDENTIAL. Almost ready. Super sticky and stanky :face_with_hand_over_mouth:. Lmao