Let’s see your buds right now


Still have awhile to go but it’s whats in the tent right now. Let’s see what you got growing as of right now.

What Is the Weight of Your Harvest?

Yours are beautiful looking here is what is in my tent atm. Bubblegum n green crack.


Blueberry Auto. About 3 weeks into full flower.


I lost my buds in several small fires


Here’s a Jack herer one of the one i took last night



Did your seeds take a while to germ.?


@Olddog2270 The longest and most difficult of any I’ve started to be honest. I lost 9 out of 15 of them


Geez…just what I’ve read about the strain is just that…hard to grow.


I have 4 going now. Once they get going they are pretty easy. Being autos I thought they would take off faster.


Bro I got a seed that popped 28.5 hrs in…haven’t seen anything since. Put another one in some water this am.


Feeling like I might wait after this round to get serious about the rest. Might just stick with the auto NL and Amnesia Haze.


Day 26 of 12/12 Black Widow feminized

my second grow


@Dman1969 how do those smell. I have 4 that are 3 weeks old.


Just starting to have a lil smell I was getting nervous lol it isn’t skunky yet I think it’s too early to tell



@Elderado How long in flower are you and is it a auto or fem?


@Familyman are u 3 weeks in veg or flower?


I had same problem with bb auto. Love the strain but I won’t be growing it again. Just to many seeds or seedlings didn’t make it.


@basementstealth hope they were satisfying :sunglasses: