Let’s see your buds right now (Part 2)

@Banjo54 Some phattie stalks there!!

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Yeah, those middle-of-the-night work phone calls are horrible. I’m lucky enough that I don’t deal with them anymore, but kudos to the people who are able to handle that job function. Def not for me, I like my daytime work hours and long nights of sleep now that my kids are old enough to not wake up in the middle of the night, LOL!


It’s official, the white truffle x c99 is rocking pistils… Of course, the Durban Thai x c99(right) got them 2 days ago… Both are my 1st seeds from Brothers Grimm… And both are also.my 1st plants on jacks… Though I’m using 10-30-20 as a continuous feed from a blumat system


Beautiful!.. I love young bud porn (is that still socially acceptable?)… Ha!.. :sunglasses:


Young bud porn is definitely legal in va.!!!


Ok then… Here’s my 3 young little ladies just 1 week above soil… :rofl:



Figured I’d throw in a picture! Gorilla Glue

Hoping to be ready soon!


Superb! Great lookin buds! :ok_hand:

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My first ever grow. Hoping they really fill out in the next two weeks or so


Congrats! Oh yeah, she’ll continue to fill out. Beautiful!


Hubba hubba!!


Ms shogun is looking good!!! I gots a good feeling about this young lady


Things are looking pretty good in the tent as well


I’d say so!


Couple of pics from last night around 10 pm :heart_eyes:

Cycle 2:

Cycle 1:

I have two cycles running. Older ones were planted near June 1st, and the next cycle was planted the weekend of July 4th. This is my first true time trying to grow since high school :sunglasses:


I’d say you’re doing an outstanding job!.. :sunglasses:

@Mcsketcher … That’s a pretty looking tent!

Cheers!.. :tropical_drink:


So I gotta ask… How do you guys prune so that the buds grow up the main stems of each cola like that?.. I always have secondary smaller stems growing off the main stems that have smaller bud growth (and lots of foliage), but few off the main stems until the top cola… I figure it has to be the pruning… @OhioIndoorGrower that last pic on the right looks like solid stems of buds!.. :boom: :sunglasses:


Topping and low stress training are ideal methods for widening and evening out the canopy, there are other methods but these will be easy on your plant.Topping is when you remove the apical meristem quick google search and youll see its to easy. "Lst"can be applied by tieing down the taller growth allowing the bottom to catch up. Hope thelat helps best of luck bud.


Speaking of pruning… I had to do something about the tent ladies… Some of the branches just weren’t developing properly because they were overcrowded and not getting any light… Honestly, I should prob take a little more


Hey @Latitudes ! Thanks, really appreciate your kind words!

As for the Low Stress Training, and as @Mikeygbaby1234 mentioned, I don’t super crop or anything, only tie down branches. I watched loads of videos on YT and saw the stress that some people induce on their plants. From what I’ve seen, they are far more resilient than you’d expect and can take a lot more “damage” than you’d imagine.

The tallest of my plants grew pretty quick, relative to the others, and I just use a small spool of twisty-ties that I can cut to any length I want. I use those twisties to “tie” down branches by attaching them to the sides of my fabric pots. The intention I have when doing this is to gently bend the main stalk of the plant low to the “ground” so that the smaller shoots get the ability to grow toward the light. By bending the stalk of the plant over at nearly a 75-90 degree angle, you’re allowing the lower parts of the plant to see more light than they normally would, which eventually turns into the multiple long branches that you see.

If you look at the pics I posted, in Cycle 2 you can see a pretty gnarly bend in the middle plant. And because of this, you can see the lower branches are now growing longer. And in my Cycle 1 plants, you can see all of the branches that are now growing buds. There was someone on this forum that I saw training down a plant by following the rim of the fabric pot they were using. If you have some Auto plants that you can play with and don’t care about Yeild, throw some into some solo cups and see how much stress you can induce on them before bending/breaking the stalk. If you kill the plant due to stress, no big deal because it was just for testing purposes anyways. Being able to “engineer” these plants like Bonsai trees will make it look however you want it to. Next year, I want to grow a photo-period and train the shit out of it to see how crazy I can get with it. Without the same time restrictions that Autos have, I’m thinking a Photo trained like this would create a ton more cola sites than an Auto, and probably way higher yeilds.

That being said, I’m no expert in this, I only started actually growing in the last 2-3 months, but I’ve been researching cannabis for over a couple of years. Again, I’m no expert, but this is how I have done it. Feel free to check out my Grow Journal Thread if you want to see the other tech I have in my grow setup.

Thanks again man and hope you have a great day!

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