Let’s see your buds right now (Part 2)

Well, what’s the verdict???

Day 23 of flower

Matanuska T.F

Blue Dream

Acid Rain


Well, given the fact that I’ve been lost in various subforms of this website by going down rabbit holes and forgetting what I was looking for for the last hour…

… I think she has a date with some pruning shears tomorrow afternoon… :rofl:

… Pics will follow… For now, I’m going out to sit and look at the stars… :rofl:


I’ll grow anything :joy: I love having autos thrown into the mix because it gives random harvests. I don’t plan them… just drop em and when they’re ready… They’re ready :rofl:


Well, that one is looking great!.. :sunglasses:

… Due to my size and privacy constraints I’m relegated to selecting short/compact autos, which is just fine since I’m small-time and just grow 3 plants at a time. But it was nice pushing 4 grows after this past year (as one is hanging, another is sprouting. Ha!)… Just wish I had some space for some larger fems… :rofl:


If in doubt, it is better to continue feeding.


They look amazing brother!!

Beautiful growmie :sunglasses:

Day 74 forbidden runtz


If your only restriction is height, you need to grow some monster scrogs :metal:


Damn Brother! You got it growing on :love_you_gesture:


@Brainsacco1 it can depend on strain as well for pain relief here is a few of the top picks.

Not sure what you have growing or will be growing, but White Widow is highly recommended. You can do a search and find some to choose from. Good luck to you. I find Sunset sherbert to help me, along with GDP. If I had some White Widow I would try that for sure.


I always remember northern lights helping with pains and headaches, back in the day that strain used to rock me


Thank y’all so much for the tips :heartbeat:


Well, my 3rd and final plant of this grow met The Reaper today, and is now hung-out to dry… :sunglasses:

… I’ve noticed that the undergrowth has remained fairly green on these plants… Yea, I know the lower buds don’t develop as well, but is this basically a result of not pruning the lower foliage? I’ve always tried to get as much light as possible to the lower stems… Anyone else have this issue, or any suggestions to mitigate it on my next grow?



… And speaking of my next grow, the “cycle of life” continues today!.. On the same day that the final plant came down, all three for my next grow have sprouted, but are tough to see in this photo. And all within a 3-hour timeframe!.. So I think this will be “The Triplet Grow”:rofl:

Wedding Cake, Purple Kush, and Sour Diesel. All autos…


Cheers everyone!.. :tropical_drink:


ILGM Bubblegum Auto. Pint sized but :sunglasses:


Do some training to spread plant out a little so light can penetrate in to the plant✌️


I’m planning on keeping the branches more streamlined this time. I’ve been topping after the first 4 sets of nodes in the past to keep them shorter in the tent… Was thinking about tying-off the lower 2 sets almost to the rim of the pot, sort of like at the 4 points of a compass, and the upper 2 sets at about halfway to that distance… The thing is, I’ve not done it before and makes me a bit (ok, more than a bit) nervous because I don’t want to damage the plant.

… Any suggestions on timing/stem length before doing it or good techniques? I’ve seen quite a few and don’t know what would be best… Was thinking of using a small paperclip (so as not to strangle the branch) tied to a string and secured on the lip of the pot… Thoughts?


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Thats what I do. I saw someone doing this on here and it worked great. :muscle:


Also, @Latitudes I found by using the clips you could easily just fold the bag a little and reclip making the readjustment quick. If I were to do just a few plants I would do this again. Since my tops are tipping now I think next run I’ll try a scrog net to help hold things where they need to be.