Let’s see your buds right now (Part 1)

thankyou @Leholf


Day 19 of flower, 74 overall, Northern Lights x Skunk

In the early 90’s I grew 3-5 plants to a few feet of vegetation but this is my first flowering.


This is right now! 6/7 week of flower


Black Wild Thai pheno ?


Finishing up some purple haze , solid month-ish left


Watermelon gushers harvest


I purchased a Bruce Banner Autos and that’s what grew. I questioned that it was actually Bruce banner and was told it could be “Purple Hulk”.


I am going on 10 weeks of flowering for purple haze, how long is your taking?

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GSCE Autos from ILGM

Flower day 15…

Flower day 6…


Did you notice this on yours??? Looks to be a :bug::bug::bug:


Yes it’s taking way longer than my other plant almost 9 weeks now , no sign of stopping . It keeps getting heavier though so I’m not complaining . Lol

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Wow insane!!! How did it smoke @yoshi

do hydro harvesters do this, attempt to deprive the roots of water pre harvest? I imagine what would take a few days with soil would take a few hours in, or in this case out, of hydro.

I’m still fingers crossed on making it to harvest but this has me thinking I’ll drain the basin before I clip the plant, maybe delay a little, not long enough to go away, like an hour or two

How about just removing all the water and not even clipping the plant? Letting it dry in the dark (soil or hydro) as it grew? Have you tried that? I’ve read your posts elsewhere about some very basic ingredient growing (interesting), has that approach extended to harvest? Does the high die on the vine? Thanks

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@Borderryan22 thanks! luckily that’s just some whiting/hardening of an area where a stem was removed

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Ok good! Mine have been going through small barrages of cabbage worms. I see them everywhere now, like a movie where the good guy is scared and sees the bad guys face everywhere! Lol

2-5 weeks left!



@yoshi so when i do this defoliation on day 21 i can not take the top buds to creat more bud sites ?

@whatbuddyboy No sir , that’s only done in veg ? Once you create as many bud sites in vegging , that’s the bud sites that will flower in the budding stage . Whatever is removed or cut in flower " WON’T " grow back .

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sweet little set of wheels there.