Let’s see your buds right now (Part 1)


Nice buds you have there!


Thats so true isnt it. Ignorant I am please teach me more.

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Look great , why so much foxtail? Lights, nutes ,genetics?? Just curious, I had one do that, it was a great smoke, but fluffy airy buds…not that i complained! Hahaha!

What do you mean by foxtail?

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Here is a small thread on it,

There a many more threads on it with pictures, just google “cannabis foxtailing” check them all for “Hermies” I didnt see any in the pics but just be on top of them and remove them if you spot them… It doesnt effect the smoke I believe, makes for great fluffy bag appeal though. Read up and think back and see if there is anything that you may have done to promote it. What I did I found out after the fact ,is that my temps went into the high 80’s to mid 90° for extended period of time along with giving them veg nutes for too long into flower… so temps and veg nutes too long caused mine… like I said its really not a bad thing… but it Does effect the density and tightness of the buds… which means it effects yield…


I believe genetics can also play a part in foxtailing. My recent grow Green Crack foxtailed and GDP didn’t under exactly the same grow conditions. :+1:

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Interesting. I’ve done a lot of research and haven’t come across that. My tent has been a little hotter lately getting up to 83 f max a few days ago but normally it’s around 79 with lights on and 72 with lights off. This is my first grow and one plant is probably within a week of harvest. Can’t wait to see how they turn out


Helloooo Mary…


Fox tail or not there still some Beeeeautiful buds! I personally dont mind foxtailing it all smokes the same!! There all pretty uniform so it may be just genetics! Like to here the smoke report after it’s all Jared up!!


My house smells amazing. :shushing_face:


Wow :star_struck: those are beauties

Five weeks and a day (since flip) orange barb:


Am Haze auto 5 weeks into flower



Love the colors.

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@LoCoRock you grow indoors and outdoors? I’m going to try a guerrilla grow this month GG#4 seeds I got from a coworker his 2nd harvest. Was horrible smelled like wet straw/hay tasted like it too. Idk what he did but I’m going to try to help him this year.


Yes i have 3 outside so far, one is flowering i put out too early 1 month ago, my bad. Solstice isn’t for 6 more weeks so I was trying gauge how soon I could get a jump start.
I wonder if your buddy jarred it too early or maybe it simply had t cured and he was giving you a sample pre cure?


Y’all killing me with these beautiful flowers. I still have plenty of time for my girls to be worthy of a photo. :pensive:


@LoCoRock hard telling. For some reason some people don’t like or want advice. Personally I’m going to ask questions, there is a lot of wisdom on here. If I can learn from others mistakes and help others with mine, that I’d great with me.