Let’s see you rolling tray!

Looking for ideas for a rolling tray instead of a ziplock container…so if you got one show it off!!

This is what Im using now (about $12), but I have others in varying sizes, they are not very expensive and last a long time…

Gotta love the Girl Scout Cookies

We are all mad around here. Enjoying a bit of Bio Diesel this morning.

Amazon has some cool ones. They have a RAW tray that comes with a roller, papers, and tips, for $12. The Faragosi Farms little one was picked up at their store in Trinidad.


I decided to clean my smoke cabinet, and while I had everything out, caught a pic. And yes, I know I have a problem, lol :rofl: :joy:


@Ron330 I don’t think you are alone with having that problem. The tray I put the pic of above is a tray that I bought my ol lady for her birthday and I haven’t seen it since she opened her gift. She refuses using stuff almost like a hoarder I guarantee she has it boxed up in bubble wrap somewhere around here. She does it with gardening tools too, it’s only certain things though.


Feeling some tray envy right now!

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Its those darn subscription boxes I have been getting the past couple of years. I have way more stuff than I will ever need, but they are so fun to get. Here is a sampling of the glass collection.


Holy cow!! What subscription thing do you belong to? I never knew those existed

I bounce between a few of them, been getting them for about 3yrs now. Some of them let you see the glass each month, so if I dont like the glass, Ill cancel, and try another . There are many of them, I’ll list a few… Hemper box, Cannabox, Daily High Club, The Weed Box, Hippie Butler Box, Elevated Stash, Mokoya, Happy Blaze Box, etc…

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Here are a few that I’ve made recently…