Let’s see what we can do in unfriendly territory

Not much of anything done in the last few day except growth things are looking good don’t show signs of problems that I can see … suspecting tall one in the back is the male it’s showing different signs then the other two and I don’t just mean pollen sacs it’s much taller and only growing up not out like the other two just trying to learn how to read the plants

Took cuttings from each plant #3 was topped seeing as it’s getting bigger then the rest limited on space # 1&2 were taken off bottom nodes gunna wait for roots the switch to 12/12 to find out who is male or female anyone else done this before is it worth the time

This is # 1 it has been fimed

2 has been topped

And then we have # 3 was topped a few days ago still waiting on all plants to start showing signs of male or female need to identify before trying to scrog

Slowly transiting lights towards 12/12 daily screen should fill by then not much room still not sure if they are male or female hoping I got lucky and all 3 are female

Well # 1 is a boy

2 & 3 still undecided gunna drop a few beans in water just in case

looks like # 2 is the only one left fingers crossed for female otherwise the 3 I dropped in water a few days ago have broken ground with fem Seeds on the way let’s see what happens

The only female out of the first three seed dropped three more have sprouted as I had fem seeds show up looks like we will be picking the best and gifting the rest new fem seeds that I got today only one in water sense we are tight on real estate

about 9 days sense 12/12 flip some stretching has been happening trying to fill the scrog best as I can couple little ones under burple till I can buy a second light the one in the round container is a fem purple canyon from green point seeds excited to see that one

Excessive training went sideways now I have these two to experiment with was planning on cloning but the world tells u when to deal with this problems

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I’m doing propagation , trying to see what works ,

These are the only things laying around the house that I could jerry rig to see if I could make any thing happen was not planned at all

It’s all starts from actually trying , I like low maintenance and cheap so will tag along I topped mine today

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In a glass container with tap water, some rapid start and floralishious drops , now drop and forget check in a few days

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@Randy_Marsh have had any successful harvest with the two ts 600 how was finished product looking

Lower your lights @Mr_Moj0 your getting to much stretch

Sorry about the balls.

@Nicky appreciate it raised the box a few inches only 3-4 inches between light and plants gunna toss this thing this weekend and get something better for flower and use the ts 600 through veg

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Getting a new light?

@Nicky yes looking into a few different options at the moment

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My recommendation is kingbrite from Alibaba

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