Let’s see those micro plants

From time to time with autos your gonna get one. I put em in the corner of a tent and let em go. Let’s see those micro plants


Looks pretty nice to me

This is my last micro auto. This is why I no longer purchase autoflowers.

This is her next to her sister. Both plants were topped in late February.

Not autos but here are a couple of my shorties. These are clones from my White Widow mom taken in late January.

I placed them outside late March and they went into bloom. From clone to harvest should be about 4 months. I’m not expecting much from them. I’m just running some experiments and this is one. If I get an ounce I’ll be lucky and count it as a success.

These are their sisters.

They were left in veg for another month then placed into the flowering tent. They have about 6 weeks to go. Their yield will be at least triple the others. Equal to or greater than the largest auto.


Awwh man. I dont believe i have pics anymore ill look and add if i do but i had a bubblegum auto that was stunted bad and i let it finish lord it went 16 weeks with a sativa photo lol but was about 12 to 1e inches tall andd 10 inch round at bottom looked like a christmas tree but small asf lol. Ill lool and edit it here and tag ua if i find ome. I deleted alot of pics for space lol.

The only pic i have of it hang drying. Thats the whole plant lol. I think i got like 9 grams or 10 grams off it. Nice buds but super tiny gal she was.

oh heres one


When my clover flowers are taller than my cannabis


good enough for a desk


Here’s a cute little purple kush clone done on 12/12 from the start in the flower room with her mom. :wink:

And at harvest 12 weeks later. :joy: