Let’s see those August buds! New grow as going as well!

Let’s see those August buds! My auto widow is finishing up 3 days of darkness. One more flush and she is ready!! Her sister is about a week from finishing, and I’m on to new plants! Already have 3 germinated; and sprouting ! Also received my gorilla glue, granddaddy purp, jack herer photos, and mango photo seeds. I germinated one gorilla glue, and she will go to soil tomorrow. Looking for some new strains for my next batch of seeds! I’m mainly growing autoflowers, although I will be running 5 photo plants In my new tent, so hang around, and enjoy the rest of the grow, and let me see your guys favorite buds ! Also running these taller pots for my autos, but recently decided I’ll keep my autos in 7 gallon pots from now on since they have such a shorter period of growth. I’ve noticed previously even with 30% perlite that my roots wasn’t even filling the whole pot out. Yet my photos will grow all the way thru the bag and get air pruned, so I think the best use of soil is to just grow photos in the 10 gallon 19” pots. They are very convenient for small tents like mine since they are only 11 1/2” round.

Specs- Autoflower tent

Vivosun 24x48x60 grow tent

Vivosun 4” exhaust

AC infinity Cloudline T6 T’d off time both tents

1 HLG 300W

1 White Widow Max Auto

2 Auto Widow

1 SpiderFarmer 100W (same diodes as my HLG)

Specs- Photo tent

Vivosun 24x48x60 tent

Vivosun 4” exhaust fan

2 Viperspectra blurple lights (updating to HLG soon)

1 San Francisco Kush, 1 Green Crack, 1 Auto Widow Seedling (moving to other tent soon)


@DubV24 They look Great. :star_struck: I hope my girls look as good as Good as your after they get done flowering. Mine just went into flowering 2 days ago.


Post some pics up. What is your grow medium, and what nutrient line are you using? I also LST, and FIM, with 30% perlite

@nicky, @Myfriendis410, @Covertgrower, @Oldtimer69 you guys have been around with me for awhile! Let’s see some buds ! @nicky I know you got something budding up!


I actually don’t. I just moved, but I’ll be flipping this weekend…

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Sweet bro! Keep me updated !

My auto buds


Three autos in my 3x3

My blackberry auto is my favorite plant right now, might grow this one again depending on the effects of the high.

It’s stuffed into my 2x4 along with a Tangie matic that had the main cola chopped off due to bud rot =(

My outside is another 4 plants, the purple Afghani and the island sweet skunk autos are doing their thing well but the two Northern lights came from the same breeder and the auto genetic is unstable because they clearly didn’t flip. I even tried forcing a flip with 3 days of darkness but no luck. I don’t know if they will survive long enough to finish but it’s possible if my inside plants finish up and I can move it all into my shed to just hand the lights from the roof with a heater on a controller. We will see.

Crazy 7ft tall NLA’s


Laughing Buddha will likely be an early October harvest

And maui will likely be harvested last week of August depending how long it takes her to amber up


Jesus that northern lights is so tall. They always are tho! That’s what I’m shooting for in those tall pots. I’m looking for tall bushy plants. I like my vendor I have now and I have consistent seeds but they are all small short plants which is convenient with my tents but when I move to a building that can hold 6’ tall plants I know I’ll want to just run photos.

Like @Covertgrower I’m moving next week: haven’t had a plant since April.

Raincheck? lol.


Ugh these plants are annoying me they are meant to be automatics… Consuming so much nutrients and water but barley showing signs of flower I don’t know if they will survive

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It’s got me a little confused? Blind, not open all the way on top of plant? Any advice. Pineapple xpress…That’s what mine looks like? Is it ready


Just harvested yesterday. One of my friends convinced my to paint with her! Never was good at art but I think this is gonna be pretty cool to hang up in my grow room IMG_20200813_220807|375x500


Attack of the clones!!


My outdoor August Buds


I know the struggle man. I finally got my soil down or, and my cal mag. I’m sure this next grow is gonna give me a time. Cause it’s been smooth sailing for awhile lol

Have to really get a good pic. Need a microscope usb. Best way man


Is that a northern lights? I harvested mine yesterday as well. Planted on May 25th. Although her sister is still growing and is massive! I harvested 13
Ounces, it was an auto widow