Let’s see some 10 footers

The biggest I’ve had to date


Those are some beautiful plants

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You’re going to be very busy come harvest. :+1:

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Dang, now that’s some big reefers @BigAmLumber… gonna need a chainsaw when harvest time comes!

Chainsaw is a under statement lol

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Very very busy

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Super lemon haze c99 blueberry northern lights gotta goal of 7 lbs. just hoping for a dry end of summer

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Those are some trees. Need a ladder to get that top cola

That’s a wonderful thing to be very busy with it beats cutting the grass

Ladder for sure got the 4’ out steady. It tones of maintaining

Wow:heart_eyes:, those are very nice!

NICE @BigAmLumber, them babies like whatever your doing man , so keep on doing it brother.

REEPA! hola guacamola! dayum…

I can smell them from here ada226fb052bba3eff0d245a45fcf57051fb778e

Thanks for sharing. Great grow.

Nice looking forest. Expected to see Smokey the Bear in there.
Those pistils are so beautiful Long, thick, strong n healthy. WOW !!! Doing something right.

Dang…it’s nice to see a good grow in a FREE STATE. NOW, I am in jealousy…sigh.

Question: are you going to trim and keep the main plants…OR… cut down to the ground and start over next season?

Beautiful! Hope to have some monsters to show this time next year. Who’s the breeder of that strain, if you don’t mind me asking? Is it a Brothers Grimm strain?

Nice job Woohoo
Harvest times going to be fun lol
Trimming will be daunting lol
Well done

Tan lover gotta cut it right down we get winter in southern Ontario

There all Canuck seeds