Let me introduce You to My first love :-)


Amazon gets me my orders in 2 days. Just spend the 10.99 for Prime membership.

Why do you guys grow before you have supplies?


When I start to grow i was the biggest newbie in the world :joy:. After I discovered this website I realized what I need to do and what I need to have for growing indoor :wink:


Hello people and sorry for not coming back to You this days. I got the internet at home only yesterday and to be honest was robbed by the tehnicians which came to my house to fix the internet!! A disgusting experience. They took my medicine and papers!! Can You believe it?? Because is ilegal here so they thought I wouldn’t call enyone… But they underestimated me… :smile:

@Covertgrower I must take care of her. She is my girl :smile: I’m a Virgo so I do everything vith care and ofc plants are so delicate so I put even more efort in taking care of them. They are alive just like us :slight_smile:

@latewood I’m from a different part of the world and amazon needs 15-20 days to get to me and the shipping is killing me… Althought I started when I had almost everything… The thing is I ordered a bigger pot and thought it will be ok. But in the end it will be ok… just some more space and need to keep an eye on the watering :wink:

@M4ur exactly. I knew the plant needs and how to grow but all this techniques, nutrients, schedules and all other equipment… Total noob :smile: Like said before, I know with plants and seems they like me too :slight_smile: BUT here I learned a lot of useful things and techniques and I am really glad that I found this community.

Believe me people… I will make miracles but only with You by my side! Need just some more time to learn a bit more about growing techniques and to get some more budget so I can enhance my box. When the first grow finishes with good results, I’m going to make more boxes with the same setings and just continue to grow but more plants at once… I think even this box can take 2 plants at the same time. But let’s just leave that for later. Was really bussy yesterday night and have some photos to share with You :blush:

05.09.2017. 09:00PM (first transplatation) 35 days old from breaking the soil (14 days in veg)

Leave some comments people!!

Need to go now but will be back asap :wink:


@Stratos looking good brother just trying to catch-up on my thread reading now
Nice :+1: job on transplanting to soft pots :+1:
I love them myself
Keep up the good work 8 weeks veg your going to have a large plant on your hands hahahah :cowboy_hat_face: :v:️CB


Yep! That will be a happy girl :+1:


Try Amazon.UK, just ordered ferts on Monday, should be here on Friday. Always pretty fast, I don’t think there are customs charges either like from the US.


@stratos you’ll love those pots, they make all the difference. Your girl looks great.


Looking good! Those roots are ready to go! She’s fixing to take off. :small_airplane: :wink:
Your doing a great job!


Thank You ALL my fellow growers!! She wouldn’t be so nice whitout You and your help!
Can’t tell You how much I appreciate your help and this whole community. My days are nicer from start to end just because I found You!! This is my gratest love and passion! With her by my side and You watching my back I can’t ask for more from life :slight_smile: Don’t know what i’m waiting the most… Me to post something and wait for your reaction or waiting for some of You to post something so I can read and learn.

Will keep an eye on her for this week and then next week I’m starting with grow nutrients and LST. This should be a nice experience. Will keep You updated people!

Keep growing and stay green!! :wink:


@stratos I think it’s a little bit of both. Posting and looking at posts. Nobody judges anyone here, and never mistakes anyone for being crazy here, only passionate! I had to share my passion, because I can’t unload on my wife or co-workers this long before they started to think I was nuts.


You will need, finally she will find out😉
@Stratos I will give you something nice to read.


Hello @TxGrowman :slight_smile:

Saw in another journal that You like newbies with first grows so wanted to show You mine. Hope You find it interesting and also hope to get some more advices to inprove my lady. Thank you for your time!


Got grandpa duty today. Will try to get to looking at it soon. Jerry


@Stratos Sorry for the delay, I have health problems and spend a lot of time down.

I looked over your grow and the one thing I see that all new growers are infected with is not being patient ! ! My cannabis growing started the same way. There are a lot of fine details to growing cannabis that you need to pick up along the way. Cannabis plants (for the most part) are very hearty and will take a lot of abuse. You seem to be learning a lot in a short period of time. The great thing here is that there are a lot of experienced growers here and a lot of different ways to grow.

The biggest points I see are: (you have learned most of these already)
- Patience, Patience, Patience
- pH is ALL IMPORTANT ! Your water and later nutrient mix need to be in the correct range to get good growth. Always check the pH AFTER adding nutrients to the water.
- This is Your grow and ultimately you decide how to proceed. Advice is great to get but make your decisions on research (Grow bibles, You tube, etc) and what you want. You will make mistakes (we ALL do) but learn from them.
- Giving fertilizer (nutrients or “nutes”) too early can be a problem as the seedlings can be pretty sensitive to too much too early. I do not give many nutes until they start flowering and I have had good results. My exception is Golden Tree, which has produced some great results during the grow but seems to especially help the vegging time. (See my grow “Strawberries in the Grow Box”). I have never used Robert’s Nutrients but a lot of people have and get great results.
- Length of veg depends on many factors, the biggest of which is how much room do you have to finish the flowering. Cannabis usually stretches 1 1/2 to 2 times the height it started flowering at. Photo period plant can veg for a long time and I know of one grower that has a mother plant that is almost 2 years old. He just keeps taking clones off it for his medicine that he grows.

When the grow is going well, it is not time to sit back and and relax. Enjoy your progress but it is time to study the next stage of growth. One part of the grow that is the most important to producing quality cannabis is the harvest, drying and curing processes.

That’s about it for now. You seem to be learning quickly. I will be watching you and jump in with comments. Good luck with your grow. Jerry


One addition in the nutes comment is I have given nutes in vegging but usually stop because I trouble the times I did use it. Not sure why, just did. I usually only veg for 3-4 weeks as I have a small grow space. I have found that my soil and Golden Tree are all I am going to use until flowering. I have had some good results with that.

If you have a long veg, you might need nutes as the soil could run out. :motorcycle::man_farmer:


Thank You verry much for the advices @TxGrowman. I will read the articles You suggested.

Sorry to ALL for my absence but I was on a trip… Twice in 10 days… In Netherlands!!!
hahahhaahha What a experience!! B E A U T I F U L!! Amsterdam, Hoorn, Eindhoven and Venlo.

But… let’s get back to bussines :smile:

My lady was doing fine while I was on trip. I fed her with grow nutrients 1/4 strength of the labeled one for the first time. She didn’t show any problems because of that. I also started LST technique 2 days before I left so I saw that she turned the top back up in less than 36 hours.

I added 2 more cfl lamps on the sides and plan to add 2 more when I buy the two more wires for them.

Here are some pictures of her from some days before… I will upload new photos tonight!!
Althought I think I’m not doing the LST correct… Some comments and advices?? :slight_smile:

10.09.2017. 09:00AM

15.09.2017. 09:00PM
Fed her on 14.09.2017. with grow nutes and started LST on 15.09.2017.
Now that I have seen the pictures from before… looks like LST is working just fine :slight_smile:

Yesterday I fed her with grow nutes 1/2 of suggested dose.
2 days before I raised her day temperature to 27’C at 70%hum. I plan to keep this temp and humidity.
Any sugestion? I can raise the temp as much as I want but I think this is enough… Is it?

Thank You all for stoping by.
Will upload new photos tonight!

@M4ur @DieHigh55 @Tr33 @Covertgrower @Nug-bug @NewMan @TheDuke @Countryboyjvd1971 @ALLothers

Keep growing and stay green people :wink:


@Stratos your plants look great!! if you can get RH lower it would be good…lol
you might start slowly giving her more nutrients being careful to watch for signs of overfeeding…
remember wet to dry ASAP…lol they like it


@Stratos I agree with @BIGE that pants looks good
and about humidity :+1: :v:️CB :cowboy_hat_face:


Did you have fun in the “coffeshops” in Amsterdam? We used to go to the coffeeshops every visit until we heard that they were spraying the weed with hair spray and mixing it with ground up glass to make it look shinier. Better to grow one’s own. It’s a good place to buy seeds and equipment, though. Next time visit Jan Vermeer’s town Delft, very pretty. BTW, your grow is very nice, too!:wink:


Looking very nice! For humidity- like was said if you can lower it a bit. When they are seedlings, 70% is said to be OK, but the older they get, the lower they need it. When in flower, that is most important to keep down, so your buds do not rot.