Let me introduce You to My first love :-)


Look at mine, this is after I fimming her


Very nice! Looks great. Wish mine to come out like this :slight_smile: How many days after fimming is this?


I don’t know exactly but I will say 10 days


Nice, she is growing really fast then. Will look closely tonight and put some photos. Cant wait to transplant her and check her roots. She’s gonna enjoy the new space and new lighting around her. Will wait a week maybe to see how she reacts to the new soil and then will start feeding her with nutrients for growth.


Looking great @Stratos keep up the awesome work. She’s going to be beautiful. Great side growth. That means she’s getting enough light all around. You got those green thumbs!


Thank You very much! This means a lot to me. My element is earth so I’m good with gardening :wink: Just need to learn about this specific growing methods and we will do miracles later on :slight_smile:


Goooood morning my community! :upside_down_face:

@M4ur I took a closer look yesterday and found 2 new tops coming out for now. Here are the photos:

02.08.2017. 09:00PM

She started to smell nice. There is a light smell when I open the room in the morning to swap some air. Makes me feel so proud :slight_smile: Hope your girls are growing fine and healthy.

I also need an advice… Has anyone usded the Flower Power nutrients on their girls? I want to make 8-9w of vegetation and have the freeding schedule only for 4w of veg. Should I proceed with the feeding as specified for 4w and just prolong to 8-9w? Never saw a plant growing with added nutrients so can’t rely on my knowledge how fine she is doing.

Have a nice weekend people!!
Stay green!


Nice, 2 tops in 1 side and I think you will have 4.
You can start feeding her but only 1/4 strength, just a light feeding. And wach how is reacting on that.


OK. Will take the advice. How much water do You add when You water? Mine is not in a good pot for watering so I’m really careful about it. Can You please write: Pot size, amount of water you add and intervals between watering. I know it all depends on the room temp, humidity% and a lot off other factors but just to get a better picture. Thanks :slight_smile:


I add just enough to get a little runoff(100-250ml runoff). And I check if the soil on top is dry(2-3cm), then I water them. Hope this helps.


Yes, helps a lot. I use the same technique to decide if water or not. Will put her now in 10 gal smartpot so need to take care of watering. But with enough love everything will turn out just perfect. She will grow into a real beuty :blush:


I think 10gal is a little to much for first grow but is your choice…
3gal pots for autoflowering
5gal pots for photo periods strains


@Stratos oh man, they’re so beautiful! Keep it up!


Looking great! Keep up the great work. I have no experience with flower power. But plenty of others do. @Countryboyjvd1971 @Hogmaster @latewood


Thank You all people!

@M4ur will try to find a 5 gal pot but here can’t find smartpot and is too late for ordering. Will need to take care about watering but for other I think she will be fine. Beginers mistake :slight_smile:

@NewMan Thank You my friend. I’m doing my best… or better say she is… I’m not really doing anything… just water her and keeping the temp/hum in the balance. Never changing beans source. NEVER!

@Covertgrower Thank You again :slight_smile: Thanks also for the tags, hope to meet new people with different experiences.

Tonight I’m checking her a bit closely and will upload photos of new tops after fimming. Keep growing people!!

And ofc stay green :smile:


So here is the thing… I started counting veg from 22.08 (You can check the photos under that date and leave your opinion if ok if You want) so w0 start. I didn’t fed her except the first time by mistake. So 29.08 would be her w1 start. Didn’t fed her again, only raw water ph 6.5 whitout adjusting. The point is… Tonight 03.09 I would like to feed her with start nutrients 11 40 13 one last time before I transplant her on 05.09. The soil would be moist enough for the job and she would already acumulate enough nutrients before the transplantation. Part of the soil will go to the new pot with her. What do You all think? It is writen on the schedule to go with this nutrients for the first two weeks of veg stage.

@M4ur @Covertgrower @NewMan @Nug-bug @allothers :slight_smile:


Very inexperienced opinion here, but if that’s the schedule, I would stick with it. You should be fine, with adding nutrients during that water before transplant, won’t hurt a thing. @Countryboyjvd1971 @Rugar89 @bob31 have transplanted a lot more than I have. Just be sure to thoroughly water her in.


MYou can veg for as long as you have the flower power nutrients I know one of the starter packs do three plants start to finish with their schedule if you’re only doing one or two you might be able to stretch it out a little


Good morning people!

I fed her yesterday with a dose of start nutrients. I will stick to the schedule for the first time and only adjust the veg period to my plan. I will prepare the soil mix this evening and transplant her tomorrow at the start of her day. Will water her with water only for the first time in new soil just to se her reaction to the new soil. On the day of transplantation starts her w2 of veg (started counting from w0) will leave her in peace for a week because I just fed her with start nutrients and transplanted her. So at w3 I will start feeding her with growth fertilizer as on the schedule and will start the LST. Is it good to start straight away with LST after feeding or should I wait a day or two so she gets more power from the top leaves and then LST her?

P.S. No big changes with new tops after fimming. Uploading photos tonight :wink:

@Covertgrower @M4ur @Rugar89 @NewMan @Countryboyjvd1971 @Rugar89 @TheDuke @Tr33 @Nug-bug

Thank You all for help and assistance!

Keep growing and stay green! :slight_smile:


You can LST at any time. It’ll adjust fine. @Stratos sounds like you’re taking great care!