Let me introduce You to My first love :-)


I’m almost positive it has been said to do topping,pruning ect.in the morning. Same with watering :thinking: :thinking:


I think it depends on your tent temperature @Stratos. If it super hot, I would do it at night.


@Nug-bug I plan to move her in the soil which i posted at the beginning of this journal.
I already have the information that I won’t needto feed her for some time. You can also look at the spec and leave an opinion. Thanks :wink:

@M4ur OK. Will follow your instructions. Tonight at the start of her day I will fimm her an then let her rest for few days. After that I’m will transplant her in the bigger pot. Hope she will withstand these 2 shocks. And after that I’ll start the LST tehnicque.

@Covertgrower The temperature is OK. 24 - 26 celsius. I have good ventilation in the box and also I’m on a hill so there is always fresh air movement around the house. She is still not smelling too much so I can keep the windows open :slight_smile:

@Rugar89 What do You think about the soil I mentioned at the start of this journal?

Happy growing to all people!! Stay green :smile:


OK @Stratos I don’t read whatever language is on the bag but I did see this.
Ph in 6.0
And conducibilita .55
So I’m ASSuming that the ec?
It is a soilless mix,with plenty of trace minerals.
It would do fine I believe, but the pH will be like hydro instead of soil


Having the same problem reading it @Nug-bug
@Stratos can you post the ingredients of that soil please.


@Nug-bug @Rugar89 I will put new photos of the soil bag asap when i come home tonight.
It was a picture in rush so didn’t make it well. Will also fimm her tonight so stay tuned friends!!


I recommend to use perlite, you need to mix that whit your soil(75%soil+25%perlite)


@M4ur I will do the mix. Already have the perlite. I fimmed her 2 days before and i don’t know what to say :slight_smile: wish me luck!!

Here are the photos:

29.08.2017. 07:00

29.08.2017. 21:00 (first fimming)


These are the only specification I can find on the soil. No nutrient chart in English. Sorry

One more question:
Would it be the same if I added some side/bottom lights for her instead of performing the LST technique?

@Rugar89 @Nug-bug @Covertgrower @Countryboyjvd1971 @DieHigh55 @Tr33 @TheDuke

Hope your girls are growing fine :slight_smile:

Many thanks for your support people!!


If you have extra lighting for side lights, add them and LST! :wink:

That’s looking like a soiless medium. You will want your PH around 5.8 with that.


OK. Than i gues no way around LST lol.
Still waiting for my digital ph meter to arive and than i will check the soil. The water I use is at 6.5
when I added the start nutrients to the water it fell on 6.0

So if I get it right i will need to start feeding her when I transplant her to this soil? (beginning of veg)
Will wait few more days and than transplant her, then wait again a day or two and start with LST.


Probably should wait at least a week before starting LST. Let her get some root structure in the new pot first. She will be stressed some as well.


Ok. I’m rushing a bit with everything because I think it needs to be done in a hurry. I’m new in this so I panic all the time. Want to do the best I can on my first grow so I know for next grows. Will pull a handbrake a bit and let her rest for some time. Will keep You all updated on her progress.


Just chill out my friend… You can’t rush nature! :wink:
Is best to let her show you what she needs :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@Stratos side lighting is extremely helpful, especially when she gets bigger. I need to get some side lighting because my canopy is so dense. (First week of flower)


Will put some side lighting when I transplant her. Then I will move her out of the box and perform the modifications. Can’t wait to check her tonight. Want to see the results of fimming. Didn’t saw any sign of stress for now. Will be all over her next few weeks as I have many things to do and complete. New photos comming tonight! :slight_smile:


Good morning people!

Still have problems with internet at home. 4th day without it!!

My baby is looking verry nice and healthy. Althought I don’t see any changes after the fimming. Or maybe is too soon. It looks to me that she is only repairing the damaged leaves… Am I wrong? First time with fimm so sorry for many questions. I will return the favour to all as soon as I stop being dangerous :slight_smile:

01.09.2017. 07:00AM

BTW… My plans app. 8 weeks vegetation and then 8 weeks bloom or more/less depending on the need of the plant.

Have a nice green day people!!


Don’t panic, take your time. You can’t make your plants grow faster than Mother Nature intended. Go easy on watering and nutes, keep your pH where it should be and sit back and enjoy the show.


Hello my friends!
Hope You are all good.

I have few more pictures to share with You:

01.09.2017. 09:00PM
This is her with only LED light on:

LED + 2 T8 Fluorescent Tubes (2x36w) If needed would instal 2 more.

And this is her with LED + 2 Fluo + 1 of 2 CFL which i still need to instal on the box:

She is geting a ton of light on the lower stem. Maybe even too much for now so I will proceed with the CFLs after transplant which I have planned for 05.09.2017.

Here are some photos just to check her progress after the fimming:

Happy growing people! :slight_smile:

@Covertgrower @Countryboyjvd1971 @M4ur @TheDuke @DieHigh55 @Nug-bug @NewMan


How many new tops are there? Or is to soon?


Don’t see anything for now. Don’t make me panic again lol :smile: