Let me introduce You to My first love :-)


Hello my beautiful communiti!!

How are You today? Hope You are all well. I was really bussy last two days so didn’t uploaded anything.

Here she is today 22.08.2017. 07:00AM

She is growing from day to day in a beautiful healthy plant. For now she doesn’t show any signs of possible problems. The stem is firm and stable and starts to thicken

Leave me some comments below so I know I’m not alone here today :slight_smile: because I’m all out of questions for now.

Happy growing and stay green people! :sparkle:


She looks great man. Filling out nicely… love those extra leaves on the stem.


Looking good @Stratos! My girls are at about the same stage :slight_smile: keep it up! Have you had to give any nutrients yet?


Good morning to all. Hope You and your girls are well :wink:

@Covertgrower Yes she does look great :slight_smile: thank You. This is my first grow with selected beans so I really can’t comapare it to anything before. I really wish to make a nice girl and also think she is helping me all the way with it. Seems like nothing is missing to her for now and she is growing nicely every day.

@NewMan thank You. Do You have some pics somewhere around? I did gave her a shot of start nutrients BUT by mistake. Didn’t know when to start counting days so I made a mistake. Althought she didn’t got any nutrient burns or any other side efects. I stoped feeding her immediately after i got the right information. The NPK of the nutrients was 11 40 13. Yesterday I watered it with pure water and will continue to do so till the day I need to start feeding her as said on the feeding shedule of my nutrients (FP)

Here she is today:

23.08.2017. 07:00AM

Is it OK to post pics like this or should I tilt the phone when making the photos for better view?


@Stratos I have a preference for the top and side views, but as she gets bigger, you’ll probably find it difficult to get a good side view. I’m new to growing cannabis and it’s been a learning experience. That NPK is a bit on the high side for phosphorus for the beginning. Maybe someone more knowledgeable whether or not phosphorus early is harmful? Or if it just gets stored or unused until later? I’ll be updating my grow journal at the end of this week with pictures of doing cloning. (Yes it’s time!) I’ll be sure to tag you in.


@Stratos, these are my ladies as if this morning

I just got this tent yesterday so I’m trying to learn how to adjust temperature and humidity


She continues to look very nice! I just planted a white widow auto a couple of days back, so to watch your’s grow up before her will be interesting.


I was reading about nutrients on ILGM and found out that FP nutrients are made to specialy meet the needs of plant in every stage of her growt. The NPK on varies on every package and every package is for different stages of growth. I was following the instructions which one goes first so I think there is a reason why P i so high. Althought i fed her 2 weeks earlyer, she didn’t reacted bad in any possible way!! The nutrients must be good! Maybe she is only a bit bosted in growth but not a single side efect. Beginers luck :smile:

@NewMan Whoaaa!! Nice ladys! Huge leaves! I’m amazed how “small” she is and than there are those huge leaves. Very nice. If You bomb her with powerful bright light she’s gonna explode of phtosynthesis :smile: Nice to know we are step by step.

@Tr33 You can watch her grow till one day. Then yours are gonna get older then my lady (Auto) I’m planing to make a long grow. :slight_smile: Are You gonna use some nutrients on the ww?


Here’s my girl tonight. 23:00
My temperature in the box tends to be from 27.0 max to 24.1 min (0.2-3+/-) and humidity is 50 to 60


@Stratos, yes she will get nutrients when they are time. My first plant just began her flower, but has many weeks of that to go. When the plants are very young, they can take a little higher humidity from my research. When flowering it must come down…


She’s looking great! Bottom shoots coming in too , nice!:sunglasses:


Hello my dear community.

Sorry for not uploading these days but the work is really killing me. 15 more days and than is all over.
My girl is progressing verry well. Had only to put the light a bit higher as she obviously had too much of it.

Here are the photos:

24.08.2017. 07:00AM

25.08.2017. 07:00AM

She started to point her leaves upwards due to too much light so I pulled the light a bit away from her.

25.08.2017. 12:00


26.08.2017. 07:00

I think she is ready for topping/fimming… maybe a day or two more, the round leaves are still attached to her.

YOUR OPINION people? What shoul I do first Top or Fimm? Personaly would like to try fimm but if You have experience based theory… Bring it on :slight_smile: @M4ur @Covertgrower @NewMan @FreakyDeekie @Nug-bug @Tr33 @TheDuke @Countryboyjvd1971 @DieHigh55 and all other growers

Happy growing to all!


She’s ready! And I recommend to do the fimm technique!


Do you have at least 5 pairs of leaves? A little hard to tell with the light. If you do, than sure…fimm the 5th node. Good luck!


@M4ur i will do it today/tomorow. Is it better to do it before the start of her day or at the start of night?
Don’t know when she does the repairs :slight_smile:

@DieHigh55 She has 4 pairs of leaves if you count the first real leaves at the bottom. The first round leaves went yellow and will fall of in a day or two.

Have a problem with the internet at home so I can upload only when I come to the job. Hope they fix it today.

So here is what I’m gonna do… Wait a day or two more for the round leaves to dry completly and fall of, then I’m gonna transplant her in the bigger pot with new soil mixture. I will water her with clean water for the first time and than I’m gonna fimm her. Will start feeding her the next watering after transplantation.

Any opinions People?


Well depending on the soil you move her to. If you’re going with ffof you wouldn’t need to feed a couple days afterwards, because ffof has plenty of nutrients in it ? @Stratos


Did you mean to say weeks? Not days? IMO more like a month. My PPMs were like 1800.


This is what I was referring to.
Said they would start feeding next water after transplant.

I was just saying it was too soon,but yeah transplanting,into ffof is what kept me from feeding throughout veg-no nutes


Ya me too. I just looked through my notes and didn’t start feeding until week 6 using FFOF.


I don’t know when’s is best to fimm her(morning or night) just do it :wink:, let her rest for 1-2 days and after that you can repot her! After you repot her let her rest again (2-4 days) and start LST technique but very gentle! :laughing::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: