Let me introduce You to My first love :-)


@Stratos 10-4 I have prime so no shipping but I hear what your saying bro get what’s in your budget
Probe style is ok fir moisture readings tho so not totally useless :+1:
Happy growing bro


Grow your own, what they sell in Amsterdam Coffee shops is garbage. It’s still illegal to grow in Netherlands, but to sell in coffee shops is okay. Go figure.


@M4ur Maybe 2 of 450 is better because of the heat produced while operating and also think that 2 of it would do a great job in covering the whole box. I have reflecting foil all around and will add top and bottom. Like I said 2 tubes on the oposite corners and plan to add @DieHigh55 4 CFL lamps so 1 on each wall. Never enough light for her.

@NewMan Thank You my friend. Will try to upload as much as I can :slight_smile:

@Countryboyjvd197 Yes, will keep the probes for the moisture. Don’t worry for the budget :slight_smile: It’s comming in few days so I can already order. The point is that I’m all covered for now but tend to be always a step ahead if I can because i want to make the perfect box at the start so I don’t have to do it on the go and bother her all the time. And when I’m done, I can leave her to enjoy her life in peace. I’m sure she will return the love :smile:


I paid for my light like 90£ (English pounds) from ebay (the Amazon was killing me on shipping costs) but you need to try the Amazon.co.uk
Or something like that… Maybe you will fiind it there


Hi all!

just searched the co.uk and found what i was looking for :slight_smile:

So again i don’t know what to choose.

We are talking about MarsHydro Mars 2

2 x 400w for better light coverage (this is only my opinion)
1x 700w which says is for tents 100x100x200
or should I go with
1x 900w and hope that will cover the whole place with enough light.

@Covertgrower @Countryboyjvd1971 @TheDuke @DieHigh55 @HappyCamper
Please give me some advices if You have experience with this type of lights.


Here is my lady :blush:

19.08.2017. 3:00PM

19.08.2017. 10PM

And here she is this morning:

Hpe You are all well!

Keep growing and stay GREEN!!


So this is WW feminized or WW autoflowering? In a week (or now ) you can top/fimm her and start LST technique :joy:
PS she needs to have 3-4 sets of true leaves


WW feminized. She is so beautiful and i don’t want to touch her!! Don’t want to cut her :pensive:
Will wait a bit more to have 4 sets of true leaves. althought she already has them, I will wait till they grow a bit bigger. Need also to read about toping/fimming and LST technique because I’m a 100°% noob in this.


For LST wach some video on YouTube…
Take a look at this charts for top/fimm


I personally would go with two of the 400w may self for the coverage and flexibility you can rearrange lights if needed
Looking good @Stratos
@M4ur seems to have you covered with fimming and topping lol
:v:️:cowboy_hat_face: CB


OK, thank You. I will go with 2x400w It will be definitely easier to adjust to the plant need when she grows.

I think i will go with the fimming for the first time. Your experience people? Is it good to start with fimming or is beter to top her for the first time. Sorry for so manny questions but i really don’t want to do something wrong and I’m starting to read about LST technique a soon as I come home tonight.

Thank You all for your time and atention!


If you have the money I suggest to buy 2 450w led light.
I don’t use any tools when I fimm my plants… Just my fingers/nails :wink: (I think the name is “pinch” )


Ok, will search than for 450w. I just got my tools for toping/fimming and it looks good. Will be testing them on thw first cut.


20.08.2017. 09:00PM


I hope you don’t fimm her… Let her grow another 3-4 days! Seems to be to little!


I will wait for sure. I think she is too young for cuts. I hate doing this. Didn’t think it would be so difficult for me to cut her. I’m really amazed by her progress so far and don’t want to stop her in doing that. But if it’s a must, I have no choice :slight_smile:


I second @Countryboyjvd1971 recommended lights. You can move them around if needed. But if the budget allows get the two 450W ones. Brighter is always better. And you can always purchase more right before you put her into flowering. My personal experience I went really big in one spot, and now I’ve realized that I won’t have proper coverage for all of them. So I’m saving to buy another really bright one for flowering. If I had purchased two smaller lights of half the output to cover more of the area I would have been better off. @Stratos and thanks for tagging me! She looks awesome.


Thanks for the compliments @Covertgrower
I will buy 2x450w with veg/bloom switch so every light will have to cover 50x50cm of the tent + I will have the led light which i use now 300w but consumes 60w so don’t know the real output. I have 2 fluo tubes on the sides and plan to put 4 more CFL lamps on side wals. Can also add 2 more fluo tubes in corners.


@Stratos sounds like you have great plans. If you end up having light issues for the lower canopy, you can always move those CFL’s to the middle between plants to get more light down there. I also intent to purchase LED corn cob shaped lights for the lower canopy. Super excited for you you to get this going. Keep me updated!


@Covertgrower Yes, this was the idea. Powerful led lights for top and till they reach an then for mid to bottom CFL all around. The fluo tubes are mounted i oposite corners and starts from the soil level 120cm to the top of the box. Can and will add 2 more in other corners. Probably wil end up with 2 CFL per wall because of the two K lightwave frequency which they absorbs the most. Drop by daily and You will see her grow. :smile: Happy growing my friend.