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Ok. I’ll do the same mix for the soil. Need to wait few more days for her to grow and than i transplant her. She is doing grate for now althought i already feed her by mistake. The ph of water is 6.5
I just don’t know if the ph meter for soil is working properly. Bought a new one but think it isn’t working good. The soil should be 6.5 and the water is the same… the meter is showing always 7… I think it’s not so acurate. Any sugestion on where to buy some reliable measuring tools?

What’s the “longest” time I can keep her in vegetation period? Has someone here tried to find the maximum veg for ww? Because the most info I can find says 4w veg but i think it’s a bit to short for what I want to achive.

Many thanks to all btw :slight_smile:


@Stratos is it the two probe style soil meters ? If so don’t trust it but a digital ph meter you can get a inexpensive one but I suggest getting the best one you can afford
But if $ is a concern Amazon has some fir $20 that work fine


Or just search here “pH meter”. @ktreez420 have a good one for 43-45$ (“Apera Instruments AI209 PH20 kit” search this on Amazon)


Welcome to forum! You’ve got a lot of good advice so far. Just wanted to say hi & you’ve got some pretty girls


Hi! If you want to check your pH tester, go to a pet store or a place that specialises in tropical fish and get yourself a bottle of pH’ed water. That way you can calibrate your pH meter to the pH of the water. I bought pH 7.0 but I’m sure there are others. Calibrate your pH meter regularly and you should be okay. You’re in Europe, I assume, a bottle of pH’ed water is around €6 or so. Good luck!:+1:


Yes, a two probe syle. I knew they weren’t good. Will search for a better one. Will search for a good one asap. No cheap tools for my girl. Only the best because it makes a difference at the end. Don’t like amazon because the shiping gets always higher than the price of purchased thing.

Thank You for the product name.

Thank You so much! This community is amazing.

I wanted to check my soil phmeter. Turns out it’s not reliable. Thank You for the advice because I will use this technique when I need to recalibrate it because i got the calibrating solution just for the first calibration.

@All :slight_smile:

Here is my lady sending kisses to all of You before she goes to sleep. She is working hard all day long and need some rest now. :smile:

Happy growing to all!


Welcome @Stratos. I will enjoy following along with your grow. Your lady looks great!


On what continent you are @Stratos? I’m not interested about the country.


I’m from Europe. Balkan lands. :smile:


I’m from est Europe and I have the same problem with shipping costs so I use the alternative to get what I need. I should guess your location from your nickname :joy:


I don’t feed mine for about the first month. Maybe a bit more, 6weeks, The soil seems to do all the work.

I feed about week after I put them in thier final 5 or 3 gallon pot. Which is always their 3rd home. I start with a 5" pot, then iirc its 7" then into their final home.


@M4ur Try guessing :laughing: I pay 2-3 € shipping when ordering from China. Wtf with USA?! But then again, the quality is low sometimes so they are good for basic stuff.

@TheDuke I had problems with ordering the smart pots because of the shipping and had to go with a normal pot. I wanted to grow her in the smart pot from the beginning and transplant her 2 to max 3 times because of watering so my roots don’t die from excesive watering in big pots. Unfortunately got the pots only 2 days ago and intend to transplant her at the begining of the veg stage +/-
I will put her in a 10 gal pot so she has enough space for the roots to grow big.


I don’t pay the shipping and I’m ordering from china to but from aliexpress… You will find fabric pots very cheap and good quality.


Never used aliexpress but I already see they have a wider option of sizes than on the site I order from.
Will search tonight to see what they have for this kind of hoby :slight_smile: Thanks

Question for all:

Which Mars Hydro LED light (power and type) should be enough for my girl from start to end if iI keep her in a closet which is 100x100x200. I have already mounted some extra fluo tubes and cfl lamps on sides for extra underlight when she grows.

For now I have “300w” led ufo light which consumes only 60w when active so i don’t think it has the power of 300w led light and will be too weak for her when she spread.

I have no budget for the light right now but I want only the best for her. Need to know the type I need so I can start to combine for the budget asap.

Keep growing and stay green people!! :upside_down_face:


I have a meizhi 450w(192w real) for 2x2x5 (60x60x150cm) but for your space I think 2 of this will be OK or 3x300


Good luck with the grow @Stratos! I just ordered my WW autoflowers, I’ll definitely be following along to see your results!


I’m from Belgium, but I lived many years in Israel, but I was born in Chicago, but I am Mother Nature’s son


CFL ''s for me.


You ar so close to Amsterdam… Uhhh


Yep…2 1/2 hours on the train.