Let it veg further or no?


A question from a fellow grower:

i need help. first time here, sydney australia, current temps - 28-35 deg, humidity 60%, 14hr15min daylight, 12:12 equinox due mar 4, growing in 50L pots outdoors and moved around to ensure 14 hours of direct sun, uv 90%

my question relates to the plant below. do you think i’m best to let it continue veg to increase yield or is it approaching its limits? i have no reason to trick flowering now but wonder if yield will continue to increase if left? i see your stats say the strain gets to 2m high.

finally, when i look at the lowest cola, i see 14 branches growing off it and some of these have branched out. am i to assume i get bud growing at the end of every tip? if so i count over 200 tips on the plant.

goldleaf*** - 3.5 mths grown from seed. 1m high 1 m wide and the bushiest thing ever. 34 cola. the plant is currently growing 1-2cm high a day but 3-4cm wide a day.



Looks great mate, let it grow more. Any suggestions on other strains to plant in pots outdoors, central coast nsw ?


That is an epic looking plant! The longer you let it veg the bigger it will get, therefore the more bud sites it will have once flowering starts


Also it’ll start flowering well before march 4 don’t worry. Usually sometime in Feb they start to kick off, and if you don’t move it around to follow the sun so much it’ll probably help it kick into gear sooner


thanks. the other plant growing is white widow. it’s growing tall 1.5 m and more weed like. 36 cola. no where near as bushy as the goldleaf***. both love getting a cap of seasol when watered.


cheers, i’ve never thinned out or cut the tips and most tips are now are huge clusters of smaller tips. i don’t see how it would be more bushy if i had intervened. keep it natural i say.

i also rotate the plant 180 degrees each hour so the sun gets to all corners. they’re moved 3 times to chase the sun.

the goldleaf*** has a waistline at the stem base of 8.4cm - white widow is only 5.2cm (but 0.5m higher).


Goldleaf is a great strain I’ve grown it here twice now I’m a little while north of you. From what I’ve seen of it is exactly what your experiencing, it grows super bushy and basically just massive. What size pots are you growing in? Unfortunately I don’t have the luxury of home growing like you so I’m limited to pot size, but man that plant looks good! and you’ve only been using seasol for it?


@cleanandgreen I’m growing gold leaf and girl out cookies both from this site and they’re both doing great outdoors, handling the heat the rain and the bugs. I grew ak47 also last year from this site and it did well, but nothing like these two



50L pot planted in tomato and herb potting mix from bunnings.

would you have any idea on yield now it’s 1m x 1m? i’m hoping i get a few oz.


So you’re saying that gold leaf is only 1m high? looks heaps bigger in the pic, but pics can be deceiving I guess. Judging from the look of it, and gold leaf is a heavy yielder, you could easily get 8oz off it if not more considering theres a good 4 months left in the growing season. If you really want to increase your yield you need to think about using a bloom boosting fertiliser once flowering begins. Is there any hydro shops near you?



Thanks for the suggestions, I see your crop is outdoors, how do you go with animals eating your plants, do you have it fenced? I used to grow in the national park south of Sydney and fences were a must. I live central coast now and there are plenty of wallabies. Just found this site so Im going to order some and just plant one at home, as by the time they arrive it will be just on Feb, and then im going to find and prepare a site for next season. Not sure wether or not to plant in pots or in the ground as pots can be put on a rock shelf or on shit ground, or if planted in the ground they grow bigger and stronger, its a toss up. How do you go with the wind blowing over your pots? Looking forward to many bush walks not.


I learnt to fence off my crop after my first grow many years ago, had shitloads of plants in the ground scattered around the place, and wallabies ate every last one of them.
It all depends on personal choice, me personally will almost always plant in pots unless one day maybe i do a huge in ground plant in the backyard, but thats a while away. I only use 30L pots at the moment because with growing 6 plants i physically can’t take out enough water to support plants in any bigger pots than that. If you have a creek nearby or easy access to them, then growing in 60-100L pots would give you the perfect growing medium. You would have easily enough root space to grow absolute monsters, and you’d still have the ease growing in pots gives you. Wind never seems to be an issue, too much dirt and large plants weighing the pot down. If you plant in ground correcting ph problems or nutrient excess problems is much harder, but on the other side the plants roots will grow tap roots way into the ground and have easier access to water. If your gonna go in ground you gotta be sure to dig a huge hole and fill it with some top quality soil and perlite.


Well said :+1:@BondPacker
When spring comes I’ll be using either 20 or 25 gal pots or if you prefer 75/94 liter pots
Should get nice and big :wink::v:️️:grinning:


I’ll be looking forward to the journal :wink::smile: