Lesson learned, week 2

Alright, so I am just entering week two I believe as of yesterday. Around the 1.5 week mark I transplanted her, you know that gut feeling, I really shouldn’t be doing this? Yeah, I should of followed that feeling because thats the feeling I had when I came up with idea of transplanting an auto to try to slow but not hinder growth. The stunted growth truly is not worth it and I should of listened to my gut, now its gonna bite me in the ass. Here’s photos of the beauty i am worried the cotyledons may be dropping off sooner than expected but what I’m thinking is, maybe thats just all the growth she was able to produce, due the transplant shock? Or would u guys say this nute burn? It has not spread to other leaves, so I really don’t think its a disease but who knows, u experts know more than me. I did also create my on sesame seed oil concoction with an added plant dietary steroid that I made myself(all natural no chemicals don’t worry) and I feel its responding well but who knows I am an amateur.

They were going to die off any way, same as photoperiod.
Realistically I think you did just fine with the transplant, and she will continue to grow just fine. Happy growing :seedling:


You know I was thinking the same thing, is it also possible to go an entire grow without cal mag?

Plenty of nutrient lines don’t need cal mag. Super soil needs water and 1-2 teas per grow. Depends on your medium, nutrients and water. Too generalized to say you do or do not need calmag.

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What happens if the pot for an auto flower runs out of nutes by an off chance? Idk if u would find this interesting but get this, I have a really powerful intake fan but my exaughst is puny, so check out this trick I came up with to supply optimal airflow lol I cut a few holes in a piece of drawing paper (kinda thick like cardboard paper) and it took me like 30 minutes to cut open the air hole big enough to supply an excess of air then just cut another sliver, while cutting lil by lil off and placing it on the suction. It sounds bad, but it actually works really good

The cup is their as like a stand or else the weight of my fan would be angled upwards its so…Jimmy rigged don’t judge me im broke hahahha

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Bah. Should’ve copied that first. But it hit me that personal information was available in a picture. So I flagged it. Shouldn’t have. Just wigged for a second. Deleted. All good. Ignore flag lol…

Too bad im way too high to begin to try remember what I said there. Let alone construct it as a coherent thought. Lol

I could find me easily with that picture and a few things around the property I’ve shared with others on here. B.F.E. B*** F****d Egypt isn’t big.


Eeek i didn’t even see it, u should be sending photos and messages also through a vpn, when I use one I use PIA(private internet access not advertising please do research and do not trust what i use because i really only care for minimal amounts of privacy.)I don’t know the legality aspect in Egypt, but if its indoors watch your electric bill, idek if it snows in Egypt but growing in winter can also evaporate the snow on your roof making you visible via sattelights/everyone and try to pay with cash for growing supplies from local shops. Banks will look at what ur buying and what store. Thankfully its legal for me but u gotta do what u gotta do.

Mmm… No… It’s an old southern American term. I live in one of those few places in the states where you are over 30 minutes from the nearest grocery store that isn’t a dollar general. The picture had a barcode with my zip code under it. The forum allows no personal information. Regardless of whether I was concerned with that being seen (I wasn’t). It’s more that it was violation of forum rules. I owe so much to the forum that I do my best to abide by the rules and help out where I can.

The forum automatically strips all meta data from pictures. I can see what ip it has monitored for me, usually falling in next state over. Don’t have to vpn here so I normally don’t. Even without vpn my location will be off by further than that Walmart… B… F… E… Just happens to fall in the Midwest

Here was the pictures. Now with the package cropped out. Showing to use carbon filter sheets, double layered for vent mod. The one with my hand was the issue. Cropped out now.

The original statement was that my entire set up cost me under 2k. Expanded twice now. All my tips are ballin on a budget type sh*t. Lol. Cheap and effective.

Filters. The grow light will be seen through. But that’s 1000x brighter than room light that doesn’t make it through one layer, two for safe.

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Ohhh, well like ur isp can forsure see what sites you’re on though, i didn’t know what that meant, that makes a lot of sense now actually. I still need to get a carbon filter, all I have is a small fan and some gell. Say I have a 2x2 what sized filter should I get?

There is no isp in bfe friend. They say next year. We will see.

4" would recommend the best there is. What I use.

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With cox monopolizing where I live, there’s no isp for me either lol and I live in a city. I’ve lived in five different states my life never had cox till now, its better to just go without.

I reckon your town only has a caution light too?

Light? There are street lights,. Yes. Lights for the train tracks… but for traffic… Hah. No, not even a caution light.

Population 1,000

Half it. And maybe again if you consider inside city… Erm. Theres a gas station, dg, lc, po, subway, local pizza place and a bar. That’s the whole town. Some Amish stuff too. But meh. Lol. oh duh. That explains where I live better. Amish country… miracle we have electricity. 440 is not available and neither is broadband.