Lesson # 789.3 what not to do

The girls are beautiful and I love growing (new hobby) but making a rainforest isn’t a good thing, with the humidity we have been having the last month I was noticing some changes in the plants. Well I’m always changing things as I go on my learning curve, when I installed the 650R light from the purple lights the room temp changed a lot so I took my lower fan out and was just using the upper ventilation fans. Well they weren’t getting the needed flow I went to the local Legal growers and asked some questions and went over what I was doing and looking for thoughts and solutions. So when my exhaust fans turn on I had 2 4" duct works running and bring fresh air in to help with the cooling and displacement of air getting sucked out. Well My thoughts of fresh air was coming from my cellar and blowing on the girls undercarriage big mistake. Solution remove the cellar cooling lines and put my fans back on the floor. Today I finished the hair cuts for ventilation they seem to be very happy now.

They suggested a solution (Didn’t know if I could share it on here) to treat my girls for the mildew spots they got from lack of air flow seems to be helping, he said thats what they treat their plants with.

Yes you may. The forum prohibits direct links to pretty much anything other than amazon. You can mention specific products, recipe of fixes, even web sites.
The air from the basement was a little humid?
You do have quite a few plants and they all put a lot of moisture.

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Yes 38, all different stages, yes, on the air was cooler 8 to 10 degrees i was thinking out with the hot it with cooler air would regulate itself, but it im sure it added to the humidity also not always thinking clearly :grinning:

This morning finished reorganizing but still the barrier between the door and mylar to much so i opened the door flap now screen and excellent air flow.

I have the temp controller set to come on and draw the air out thats a 14 attic fan mounted to the roof and has a turbine wind thingy outside. I think opening the screen today will be the better added solution
Thanks for responding always looking for guidance.

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Nice set up and thanks for sharing. :sunglasses:

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