Lemon super auto haze

I have 2 plants 6 weeks into flowering…They look good,about 3 feet tall and starting to bud…Why are the bottom leaves turning yellow and starting to droop? It’s only the bottom set of leaves on one plant…I’ve started using stackers(a bloom enhancer) once or twice in correct dilution. They are outside in fabric and air pots…Should I go back to straight water? Are they getting too much water? Alot of rain lately. Any help is appreciated…Thanks South Carolina

Some pictures would be helpful :slight_smile:

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Its not uncommon for the very bottle leaves to die off. But pictures say more. :+1:

What MrPeat said.

You don’t really need them at this point anyway.

Yeah, that looks like the typical leaf loss. Nothing to worry about unless it starts spreading up the plant quickly or starts spreading to secondary fan leaves or sugar leaves.

I don’t have any primary fan leaves below the 5th node on my biggest girl. I prune them as soon as they start to yellow.

Just my $.02

I remove them as well. Now when I stop giving nutrients, I let the plant consume the leaves.