Lemon Skunk Day 51

Hey yall,
I have a lemon skunk that is mostly milky white trichs with minimal amber but I have never grown lemon skunk before and was curious of those of you who have grown it, what is the best trichome stage to harvest for this strain? I know shes in a good window for it, and I am wanting a more energetic feel but wasnt sure if I should wait until I am 20-30 % amber or what? No biggie, just wandering what anybody else thinks.


I actually have a cheese and an ak 47 thats almost ready as well but want to wait for more amber for those girls, so itll be another week or so for them, but seriously debating taking lemon in the morning. She was actually in flower for longer where shes an auto, so really she has been flowering longer.

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@THSee, I couldn’t help but notice that you have a Deficiency going on there its…

I know your getting ready for harvest but I couldn’t help it…its what I do…lol

There are several ways to resolve magnesium deficiency, but one of the better options is a product called Marijuana Booster. This is one is very popular amongst marijuana growers because it is great for enhancing the quality of yields and provides a good balance of nutrients.

More options are:

Dolomite lime
Magnesium sulfate
Garden lime
Worm castings
Epsom salts
Since both Epsom salt and Magnesium sulfate (wiki) are water soluble, they work the best. For hydroponics systems, Epsom salts are by far the simplest solution. For every gallon of water in your tank add a teaspoon of Epsom salts. Give it a quarter of the initial dosage for every consecutive treatment. If you like, you can even add Calcium-Magnesium (available at this link for only $20)

Magnesium and pH levels
Magnesium ph levels weed

If the pH of your plants roots get too low, the marijuana plant could display signs of magnesium deficiency, even more so in hydro (check these hydro ph levels). This occurs as a result of the pH of the roots not being at the right ratio, which causes the plant to not properly receive magnesium from the roots.

Usually with this deficiency, the magnesium is there, but the roots are not able to receive the magnesium efficiently because of the wrong pH. This is why it is necessary to keep the right pH so as to prevent magnesium deficiency.

Download my free marijuana grow guide at this link for more growing tips

Providing additional magnesium to a system that has a pH lock-out will most likely not help since the plant can’t take in any magnesium until the pH is made right. If your plant has plenty of magnesium, giving it more could result in the development of other deficiencies by shutting out other nutrients the plant needs.

If you’re growing marijuana in soil, magnesium is better received by the roots in the 6.0 – 7.0 pH rate. If your’re growing marijuana in hydro, magnesium is better received by the roots in the 6.0 – 6.5 pH rate.

Try Flushing

If suspicion sets in and you begin thinking you plant has a magnesium deficiency, flush the system with pure, pH’d water that has a normal dose of marijuana-friendly nutrients in it which should include magnesium. This serves to get rid of all nutrient salts that are may have damaged the plants ability to absorb magnesium and help replenish the pH to the right ratio.


Thanks man and I will keep all of that info close on my next grow. When I went on vacation I had a few problems and they were starved for a few days. A friend was supposed to care for them but only stopped by to raise the lights because they were still stretching and that was it. I was pissed man, he was left instruction for water and thats it, but thats how it goes. Vacation was worth it though.
Oh after you get a deficiency in a plant are you supposed to take the affected leaves off? Because I have since fixed the issue but I never cut off anything unless its dead dead but the leaves never fully recover anyways after its dedicient, I use fox farm big bloom, and tiger bloom with a dab of kelp. All about half strength, but a week with no water will make a plant do a lot of wierd things, but fixable.

I was actually going to ask for advice once i git back home, but i was so stressed that all of my hard work was poured down the drain as I found all three of my autos suffering from the same deficiency in the lemon skunk picture you seen. So i just resumed where i left off with the nutes and they livend back up and got good color again but where my longer flowering strains were not that far yet, they were okay and look great. I check my ph religiously and keep it around 6.2 to 6.3 and my run off is good as well. I think what happened is they were so far along in flower the sudden lack of watwe and nutes, it began to eat itself, as I could tell it started with fan leaves and on to the smallers ones because they fell off about week 5. In my circumstance is there anything I could have done better fix it that latevin the game? Other than the already scarred leaves, it really has healthy buds, plus im flushing it, so it will continue to yellow until harvest.