Lemon kush sisters little and large


This is my 5th grow and this time if you have followed my grows you may remember when I was doing my strawberry kush and I was just getting my brother back into growing and he gave me 2 clones, and if you don’t follow my grows then it’s 2 sister clones, lemon kush, a month apart and 1 is growing up and the other one is a little bush, I can’t wait to see how they turn out, this time to make it a little different I’ve started this thread from when I’ve turned them to flower


Here are the beautiful girls

A couple of together shots

Now ain’t they great looking sisters
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Here they are on their own

As you can see she’s a full bodied girl so she will be interesting now I’ve turned them to flower

I am trying to come up with some names so any suggestions

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Betty and Boop :slightly_smiling_face:


Here is the slim sister

This is a tall slim beauty but she’s a month older than her little sister and she needs a name to

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Despite their size differences they look great.


Thanks my brother i agree, they may be a month apart but I’m expecting great things


How about Willow? I’ve named so many dogs, cats and birds over the years that I feel like I’m naming a litter again :joy:


Lulu lemon @daz49… lol


Thanks @Zombo and @SmoknGranny great names how do you think the girls are looking


I think they look nice and healthy… I have been so busy with work, keeping up reading the threads. I didn’t even realize you had more plants going… great job @daz49. I’m still on hold with my next grow. May have to travel some and have no one to look after plants so I have been waiting to start her up


Thanks @Zombo they are looking great, I’ve had these 2 slowing for a couple of months ,gifts from one of my younger brothers , just something before I start some more seeds off


I agree with @Zombo I hope I do as well outside :hugs:


Thanks @SmoknGranny, I think I do pretty good inside so I’m happy with that till I can grow outside to and yes a fine pair of sisters


I’ve always enjoyed reading your journey with all your ups and downs and success :heart:


Thanks my friend and I’ve always been happy with your participation with my grows aswell, I hope you enjoy this one as much


Looking great! @daz49


Thanks @WillyJ my friend, another grow to look forward to


Looking good brother… :wink:



Thanks my friend, hopefully another great grow on the go