LEMON KUSH Mini experiment


I would definitely send a email to mfg and inquire about that you may be surprised what they say or do :wink: and definitely not normal


Darn, I suspected that. I will send an email, thank you for that suggestion :+1: I guess that would explain some weird readings on my tap water this past week. :thinking:

I had accidentally ordered and received 2 and I’m kicking myself for giving the ‘extra’ to someone who it turns out may never end up growing :persevere:


Drop that line and ask for it back lol. If nothing else, at least til the other person needs it.


Yeah a back up it always a good idea @GreenThunder
Guees you cant ask fir it back huh ?
I keep extra probes for mine since they can be placed on mine


Id say if your not using i can lol @dbrn32 @GreenThunder


Yup! Even to let you borrow it until they need it.


She’s in another state and it was kind of a Christmas gift. She keeps saying she will grow but needs help and her brother is dragging his feet. Not something she can publicly ask (needed: grow box) :wink:
It’s complicated… She’s fairly recently physically disabled and a bit sensitive, emotionally. Not worth the relationship :slight_smile:


Copy that! I pictured more of a run across town and grab it for a week or two until you were able to replace.


I wish and would do that, regardless of gift status. Now I need to budget for a light and meter… better get my taxes done and hope for a bit of refund. Ruff to have lost my tax deduction :expressionless::smile: But I guess I wouldn’t have had space for the tent if he’d stayed :thinking::+1:


That sucks @GreenThunder but yeah once you gift something I wouldn’t ask for it back either. Did you try to see what it shows in a calibration solution? Maybe it isn’t shot? But does sounds like it if you were getting weird readings all week.


You didn’t need the ph meter anyways right? You’ve watered and adjusted enough, you could do it with your eyes closed riiight? @GreenThunder :wink:


That’s been the case in general but I was going to take readings on little LK when I discovered the water. I’m attempting a rehydration, which seems weird with water in it but I didn’t know what else to do


Pulled off a bunch of sickly leaves and spread her out just a bit. She looks much better, not going to win a beauty contest but it’s the healthiest she’s been in months


OK I learned something today and am here to share. The previous picture was not a faulty meter but a partially dehydrated one! :flushed: I followed the rehydration instructions, even though I thought that might be silly. Well folks, it totally worked!! When I checked it, completely normal looking!! Did y’all know that glass bit is filled with water?!! Or solution :thinking::drooling_face:

Check it out…

Before (so you don’t have to scroll back up)

The moral of the story… rehydrating IS important!! :hugs::grinning::+1:


Woot that’s great news!


This little gal is still going, though I wouldn’t say strong :wink: Looks like she’s foxtailing and overall just not really healthy, but I think her buds will be tasty and potent :crossed_fingers:

Edit: she’s getting just Herculean Harvest as a ‘flush’


@GreenThunder sometimes foxtailing is just genetics. It just happens sometimes. She looks very tasty though.


I agree, she looks tasty for sure!


Hubby is anxious to harvest her… I NEVER thought I’d be the more patient one of any pair! :joy::nerd_face: Don’t get me wrong though, I am definitely looking forward to tasting her :drooling_face: I guess I have learned (a little) the art of delayed gratification… not to mention we have plenty of SD to hold us over! :wink:


After growing for nearly 6 months, little Lemon Kush has been harvested :star_struck: Wet weight: 4.4 oz so I figure she’ll be a little less than an oz once dry. Enough for a decent taste :grin:

Beautiful bouquet of Easter flowers :heart_eyes:

Small buds and small yield but I learned a lot with her

Main stem was 21.1 g

What Is the Weight of Your Harvest?