LEMON KUSH Mini experiment

I germinated a Lemon Kush bag seed we got from a friend for a mini grow. She is growing in coco and was started in a solo cup; repotted into a 1 gallon at 3 weeks old - it took that long for her roots to reach the bottom of the cup (is that normal?) Nutes will be GH Flora trio.

She is now 34 days old and has just this past week used up her sugar leaves - I’m going to use “she/her” because I am optimistic. :wink: Growth is tight and beautiful, though a bit slow (I planned to grow her slow and small, but I didn’t think she knew that already!) I topped her a few days ago so I guess ‘spog’ is out for this one. I want to bend and twist her into a little bonsai but will try to let her take the lead as much as possible.
For now, she is in the closet under a T5 florescent. I will transition her to 12/12 by the end of the month; and she will live as a hanging plant in the tent.
The tent is 4.75x4.75x6.75 feet with a 1000w HPS; 6" inline fan for cooling the light and feeding the carbon filter and another 6" fan for exhaust (should the filter be connected to the exhaust instead of at the end of the intake??) There are also 2 fans circulating air in the tent as there are 3 beautiful ladies in week 4 or 5 of flowering (I am confused on when to start counting “flowering”)

After I topped her I noticed that I accidentally cut one of the top fan leaves too so I cut that off. My desire for symmetry makes me want to cut the other off too but idk if that’s necessary or damaging? Also, if I don’t cut the other side off, should I bend her toward or away from the side that’s missing?

[Updated to select different pic]


This should be interesting, I’ll be following along @GreenThunder

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I say let her grow. Removing fan leaves in veg should only be done when necessary. It’s a good excuse to do some lst?


I’d stop there @GreenThunder She’ll be naked before she gets even


I will watching this @GreenThunder …we harvested some Lemon Kush a little over a month ago. It was bag seed but it is some stuff!


Yeah I could see that and it stopped me :wink:

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Better that than the… I just cut all the leaves off my MJ plant, was that ok to do? hahaha ouch!


That’s coming up! I think I’ll give her a bend tonight :wink:


I tend to lean to much one way or the other. I took a lot from my single plant “pregrow” (the one before my first ‘educated’ grow) :wink: I feel like i haven’t taken enough from the current (1st) batch and I worry whether they’re getting enough airflow.


I meant to post a full series of her growth from the start but have just been super busy. I’m hoping to make this journal detailed with consistent updates.

The very beginning


LST has begun…


Upswing looks good :sunglasses:


I’m sorry I don’t remember where I got this pic but this is kinda what I’m going for… I think :thinking:



Looks close enough for me @GreenThunder!! And will do great!

Hubby and I jetted south for 9 days of vaca this morning and my mother will plant, dog, house sit… am I a bit crazy?!! Or is she? She is worried about killing them but I think she will be ok. Everything is written down in a day planner and she came a couple days early for training. I know the big girls will be fine - I hope they are as hearty as I feel they are at this stage. The clones and mini were added after she agreed and I just sprung it on her that there are 2 sets of nutes to mix. I promised to compensate her well from anything that survives, so that should be good incentive, dontcha think?!


I’m sure they will all be fine. Hope you have a good trip’ @GreenThunder


I’m incredibly happy to be home and was thrilled to find all my girls alive and thriving :sunglasses:
Lemon Kush “Cookie” is filling out nicely and I gave her another bend tonight.


Very nice! I should do a little LST with some of mine and see what kind of improved yield I can get. Welcome back home! @GreenThunder

My little experiment has been neglected yet she continues to grow :sunglasses: Gave her a little super cropping to open things up a bit… the man-handling did her some good and she seemed to enjoy it :wink:


I didn’t notice it before because she’s tucked in the corner behind a clone, but do I see a bit of a deficiency of some kind?