Lemon Kush and Kryptonite tincture experiement


I thought I would share my early experience with making a tincture with Everclear and some of my last harvest of Lemon Kush and Kryptonite.

I grow for medical reasons (spinal injury from the military and despise the opioids that I’m given for pain relief) and I enjoyed the smoke from the two strains mixed together but sadly started getting iron lung from smoking it so I did some research on creating tinctures without using the RSO method (nosy neighbors so I didn’t need the smell wafting around the neighborhood).

A week ago, I took an ounce of each (didn’t want to use the whole crop), grounded it in a coffee grinder and decarboxilated it in the oven at 200 degrees for 35 min. After it cooled, I divided the mixture into two small jelly jars with locking ring lids and did a 2:1 mixture of Everclear to weed and sealed the jars. I have a secret garden in a small, dark furnace area of the house so it never gets below 65 degrees in the room. Every time I go down to check on the garden (currently growing one Heavens Gate CBD and one OG Kush), I give the two jelly jars a shake. The alcohol is a nice dark emerald color that’s slightly brown.

Today, I decided to give it a small taste just to see if anything was happening. I dipped the tip of my finger (maybe an eighth of a drop) and put it under my tongue to see what would happen. The first thing I noticed it that the taste was surprisingly mild and wasn’t offensive at all, considering that I don’t drink hard alcohol straight, and the aftertaste had sort of a citrus-grassy taste, not bad at all. The surprise was that before I could even go upstairs, I had a wicked head buzz it and a few minutes later, my back pain was reduced significantly! It’s only aged a week, and I’m going to let it set until the first of the year in order to get all of the goodness extracted from the plant matter, but I’m already impressed by it!

I thought I would share since there are a lot of people here that are interested in tinctures.



Thanks for sharing. Ive been wanting to make tinctures but afraid id hate the taste so badly i would throw away. Thanks!


How long did the effects last?


The effects from that little bit lasted for about an hour, fairly strong for 30 min. When I smoke it, the effect lasts for 4 to 5 hours.


Thanks for sharing your method. I’m wondering how white widow will be in a tincture :thinking:


@super_newby Thanks for sharing this. I did a tincture with ever clear in the magical butter machine but it was way too alcohol tasting. I will have to try this 2:1 jelly jar method and see how it goes. Glad you were able to get some pain relief from it.


@super_newby Thank you for sharing, I am going to try this as I been looking for a good tincture.


I saw on youtube where people would add flavoring, like Kool Aid, to help diffuse the taste a bit.