Lemon haze autoflowers

Hey guys just put 12 lemon haze seeds for germination…starting this post for that…will lost weekly updates with pictures…it’s my second grow …first one was much below my expectations … hopefully with some tips from you guys it can be much better this time around …cheers


Welcome to the community ! and thanks for sharing.

Welcome to ILGM!
Best tip I have is lots light after they get their leaves!

Hope to see some nice flowers man :pray: good luck!

Welcome to the community

Thanks guys ohh I can’t wait …it’s been 36 hrs since I put down the seeds for germination

So here is my set up …I still need to make some upgrades …figure I have a week or so for that
The room is a 10 * 10
I’m using about 8 * 6 for the grow space …dint put any reflecting material around last time …thinking of doing it this time around.(some basic mylar blankets)…got a lux meter so I can finally check which areas are getting light

3 -400w hids (mh for veg hps for flower)
2 - 150 w leds (from this bonsai guy in Amsterdam)…leds are 4-5 grows old

1 ceiling fan , 1 standing fan , dehmudifier , ac , 3 exhausts and one inlet

Cheers guys hopefully will post some pictures of the germinated seeds tomorrow

Ok so can see something coming out in 9 out of the 14 plants…I have a stupid newbie question

…attaching some pics…the shell of the seed in 3-4 of the plants has come out of the soil…should I put in under the soil again by sprinkling some soil on top? Or do I let them be …thanks

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If the shell doesn’t come off after 8 hours more, I would use tweezers and do some surgery to remove it. Otherwise it may end up being stunted.

Would also recommend doming the seedling. Keeps the rh up. You can then water on the outside of the dome, and will keep the soil wet enough.

Thanks a lot bro will update in a few hours if I was successful in removing the shells …

Also the rh in my room is already pretty high (60-70%) …do I still need to dome them?

I would just in case. At least until they get their second set of leaves.
After that, expect them to stall a bit while they make roots. As soon as roots are established, it will take off.

On picture number 1 I see water directly on the seedling. I not put water directly on seedlings. A small circle around perimeter of the plant a couple inches away. And very sparingly. Happy growing

Hi guys so the dome helped I think . thanks @Covertgrower …most of them have come out of the soil…7 have… 3 still have seed shells …tried removing but they r pretty hard…giving the seeds a drop of water on top to help moisten them …attaching pics

So I am growing in soil ( not branded …local variety … according to the label it has organic fertilizers) …when should I start feeding them? I have the fox farm trio nutrients …also what should be the ideal ph…I’m keeping it between 6-6.5

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Welcome! Great to see another Lemon Haze on the grow! Mine are photo clones - just into flower, awesome to see another run of this juicy gem! :v: :crazy_face:
Tagging along for the ride!

Here is my fist run!

Hey thanks for posting the link to your journal…just strted reading it …looks really nice …so did u end up scrogging those?