Lemon G that i started from seed

Hi i will attach a pic at the end but i starred a lemon G seed that i had found and i germinate it the paper towel way on 11/01/19 then i planted it in soil on 11/03/19 so it’s been in soil for 14 days i haven’t added any fertilizers to it yet but getting ready to start this is just something I’m trying in my house this winter but here it is tell me what it looks like to you guys is it healthy and so forth from looking at it thanks everyone


It almost looks like the soil is to wet.

@MrPeat i had just watered it right before picture sorry

Ohio’s own Lemon G13 have seen this one allot, wonder which way it will go! :thinking: Welcome to the forum! The G13 was an amazing strain, but what lemon strain it got bred with is a mystery. Have seen it tight, then seen it grow like a land race… Either way the flavor is amazing, enjoy!

Just wondering if you are over watering your plant.

@MrPeat i honestly could be i will back off on the water ill keep posting pics they out the day thank you for the advice ill take all the help i can get

When they are this young, you don’t need to give them a lot of water. We are talking less than 5 ml per feeding with water. Also don’t water next to the plant. You want to water a couple inches away.

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@MrPeat I will do that when I water again I’m letting dry out now is the pot I have it in to big for it right now or what’s your suggestion and should my light be on all the time right now or what I appreciate the help

And here is another picture


@jaon7615 I put my seeds with tap root straight into the grow bucket. But most would recommend to wait till it’s bigger to transplant.

I run a 12/12 light schedule start to finish. My last two crops is out of this world.

As that probably is a Photo plant you can run a 18/6 schedule till you need to flip to a 12/12 schedule which forces the plant to flower.

Concur with just giving it sips of water at this point. I only feed my seedlings 5ml at a time.

Be careful with feeding. Many soils are good for at least the first month of the plants life. Feed a hot soil and it may kill it. What soil are you using?

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@MidwestGuy just soil out of my garden

A TDS meter can help you determine how hot it is (or isn’t) then.

Appears you need some perlite in your mix.