Lemon Alien Dawg Usmcjojo


Good to hear that youโ€™re back srapping your butt in a school chair brother, I am proud of you :+1::ok_hand: :grinning: Looking forward to see you in the Lab :grinning:

I too my brain was almost fried out after my Bioecology studies, lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :frog: :v: :sunglasses:

See ya soon buddy, I have to return to the Lab, take care, I will be back to see how things goes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :v: :vulcan_salute:


Raspberry boogie is pink canโ€™t wait to smoke it. Hope the cross has some color.


Very nice my friend


Thanks bro




I top dress every other Wednesday itโ€™s been working for me I havenโ€™t needed to use half as much bottled nutes been saving money.


I water in with a half gallon each with a solution of Aphrodite and Persephone



Theyโ€™ll be monsters in no time!


Thanks bro never have top dressed before i love it I havenโ€™t even bottle fed them yet just top dress, water and foliar. I wonโ€™t start adding the bottled nutes until I have transplant them. @dbrn32


Itโ€™s real popular for organic growers around here. I think having transplant helps, otherwise medium can some times get a little saturated if youโ€™re not careful. But seems to be pretty easy if you have a handle on application.



I have been giving so much credit to the raspberry boogie but donโ€™t sleep on the whurkle she has been my favorite so far. I dried a sample nug itโ€™s amazing


Pretty buds bro!


@dbrn32 thanks brother


We gonna see you soon??? :wink::fist::v:


Heck yeah November Iโ€™m in. @MattyBear



Hairs look nice n burnt. Good job