Lemon Alien Dawg Usmcjojo


Time to start the new grow I moved the ladies into flower.


Blueberry auto x wild Thai seeds




I want!


Going to go crazy this grow transplanted whurkle and raspberry boogie to 10 gallon pots. Got all my nutrients im Going to top dress this grow. Hopefully this will cut down on the amount of feedings they will need.


I’m loving your thinking!


Today’s pics


Todays pictures these plants are huge… By the way everyone I just germinated G.S.C Auto x WILD Thai along with B.B. Auto x WILD Thai. I also dropped down a blue dream and a gold leaf.


Truly growing your own now! Lol


Very nice mouth watering @Usmcjojo


So here she is fellas G.S.C AUTO X WILD THAI its ALIVE!!!


The whurkle and raspberry boogie are huge!!!


Tonights picture


It looks like a fashion show with plants.


:rofl: “And here we have the Fall line of Indicas…”


Latest pics I have officially made my own strain gsc x wild thai


Somehow found 12 seeds inside a pineapple chunk bud. Dropped 2 of them in seedling soil. Waiting for my Wild Pineapple to break ground


Nice @bryan hope those ladies pop for you


Today’s pics of the ladies in flower they got there first nectar feed today and a last foliar of posidenzyme and bloom chaos


So the flowers have set we are now in flower!!