Lemon Alien Dawg Usmcjojo


Up close blue dream.




Looks like we have a blue dream wild Thai cross. Haven’t named it yet any suggestions?


Anyone know of or seen a bud that grows like this lemon alien dawg?


Blue ballz lol


That’s funny!! Lol @dbrn32


The veg room


Dream stick


More love in the air! Already got my pollen bank going.


that plant looks like it is blowing pollen everywhere


I glanced at the genetics on the Blue Dream.

What about “Blue Thai Haze”
It could even have a logo! with a blue ‘tie’ like a bow tie.


@MattyBear and @Bogleg would love some of that!


Blue tie haze - get it? LOL

This one was too much humidifier :slight_smile:


Sold!!! Lol forsome reason I hear prince or a monster ballad in the background. That’s the name Blue Thai Haze credit to @Whodat66 thanks brother


You can run with the logo idea, just bring me a taste some time :slight_smile:

I was thinking it sounded more like a Weezer song or something


@Whodat66 little Weezer buddy Holly works lol.



Love Weezer bro !!! @Whodat66


I just thought about this idea I’m real high how does Phuket sound for blue dream x wild Thai. I’m pretty sure this new strain once smoked will have me saying Phuket I’m not doing s**t today.
@FloridaSon @MAXHeadRoom @MattyBear @Hogmaster @Countryboyjvd1971 @Whodat66 @dbrn32 @Dr.DankThumb420 @Sirsmokes @Covertgrower and whoever else I missed.


Right up there with Sublime when you get cool buzz on. More into Pink Floyd and older stuff for the couch-lock mode.