Lemon Alien Dawg Usmcjojo



Whurkleboogie Rasp
BlueRaspberry Dream
Blueberry Boogie
Stawboogie Kush

Best I can come up with on my Blueberry smoke…


I got one blue dream and raspberry boogie= Raspberry trance
Lemon alien Dawg x raspberry boogie=
Dancing Chupacabra


The others are @dbrn32 Raspberry creamsicle and @FloridaSon blueberry boogie auto


Awesome. Now after 5 generations they will be stable and consistent lol. I will buy them brother.


That’s when the fun begins lol


I’ll buy some f1 seeds haha, not stingy at all.


I’ll hook you guys up bro I’m going to have tons of seeds going to shake the crap out of him all over the plants.


I can definitely get behind this. Groovy names bro!


I had to super crop the strawberry kush again she just doesn’t know when to quit lol


You can’t keep a good girl down…


Lol @FloridaSon your so right here’s the rest of the ladies.


Awesome! Would be much appreciated!


I’ll trade you some of my F1’s for yours!


Hell yes bro @MattyBear


My recycled soil is right where I want it.


@Thelaughingwolf thanks bro


I had to trim the plants and innoculate the acid dough and blue dream
I do per gallon:
1Tsp of Demeter’s
1TBL of Aphrodite
2 Tsp of Persephone
2 TBL Herculean
1 Tsp of Zues
1/4 Tsp of Recharge
1/2 TBL of SLF
I pH before I add my microbes so that the microbes aren’t going through a pH swing. The Athena’s is for a readily available sugar and carbs source. The Persephone is a more complex sugar but less so than mollases so it doesn’t take quit as long to break down but it is slower so that the microbes always have a food source.


Information exchange will be difficult on this side. If y’all can figure that problem out then I would love to grow some exclusive seeds!

I kill males, but I fully support and appreciate those wanting to breed new strains!

@MattyBear what was your breeding stock for the F1s? I can’t remember.


@FloridaSon I’m keeping the journal in the lab for now and which strains I will be breeding until I actually get that male and pollinate my females. Then I’ll let a few people know over here. @Usmcjojo was gonna join the lab anyways :wink: right?!?!? Lol