Leggy seedlings

I have a 1 metre x 1 metre tent
Vipar Spectra LED V450 says 450W but draws 200W, manufactures specs says to be 80-90cm from seedlings.

Had them in a dome and spraying dome to keep up humidity to 70% up until today…they seem “leggy” from what I have read? After seeds sprouted had them in jiffy pots had them under lights in tent for 7 days now, shouldn’t I have more(bigger) leaves by now?

It’s not to bad for 7 days but could use about 15% more light and when you transplant plant them deeper then normal and pile the medium over the stem itll help with stability

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Thanks for the reply. My light is not dimmable. And is currently 80cm above should I drop to like 70cm?

Should I also keep them in the dome? I can regulate humidity closer to 70% in some.

Just in tent with fans on is like 52%

Thanks for your help

Yup that’s a good start and see how they respond if they start leaning away then it’s to much for them. No dome thatll just block more light and your humidity is fine ( but I do run mine closer to 70% myself) heres mine at 1 week you’re really not that much behind

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Thanks for the feedback mate. First time gitters


Welcome to the team Wake , your gunna love it here , so will your weed!

Thanks mate, just probably overthinking it all. Hopefully they show some more grow the next couple of days. I want to get them into their main pots. I am using Autopots as they seemed easiest for a noob.

Not sure if the light I have: ViparSpectra v450 LED is enough in a tent 3foot x 3foot and 6 feet tall?

Do you have any wisdom on lights?

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It’s a 200 watt light and is sufficient for 1 plant. You will need more for multiple plants. These are most likely leggy because they are looking for more light.

If you wish to upgrade lighting I would look for a product built with Samsung LM301B or H diodes.

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For the time being just move light closer , if you dont they may get so leggy they fall over.
Looks like they can be put in a bigger pot now , just bury the stem up so they dont fall.

At this stage in the game that light should be fine. You can germinate and seedling period with simple cfl or regular florescent light bulb.even into the first or second week depending, after that you will be wanting a better light. Most here will tell you to go to HLG to get one. I will not. HLG is some of the most expensive lights, often twice the price of their competitors. If you feel thats what you need to spend by all means, if you wanna maybe just grow some weed and not spend all your savings I recomend spiderfarmer or Mars-hydro. SpiderFarmer uses Samsung diodes, LM301B if memory serves, which is the same diodes used by HLG and on some Mars-hydro lights use them as well. The fc (not FC-E, there is a difference) series and the sp series use Samsung LM301b diodes, their ts and fc-E series lights use less efficent diodes but still very good. Its all about how much you want to spend. Results are equally dependant on all aspects of the environment that you provide them. Im sure others will disagree, no shortage of differing opinions in the growing community. Welcome and happy growing. If you check out dr coco on YouTube, he does alot of testing on various lights and their par values, etc. He checks those findings vs the advertised stats and calls out companies that are not being honest about their products abilities.