Leggy seedlings?

My new seedlings are so leggy. What’s up with that?

Do you have a picture.???.. it can be the distance of the light from your plants. This can cause “strectching”, or the light may be too weak…also some plants just grow different. My scond grow im doing Blue Dream and they are a lot taller than the black widow strain i had after a few days… best of growing


Based on your comment I think I may have started them under a light that wasn’t strong enough. I started these in pet pots under two 60 wat bulbs. Then moved into grow pots. They are now under two 1000 watt bulbs.

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Low light intensity or too much red light will both make seedlings stretch like that.

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Or you have the light too far away from the pots but depending on what strain they will grow long the dirt and point towards the light

Actually they look normal just new growth they will stretch and stop then start it’s stage