Leggy seedling. Is something wrong?

One seedling is doing great. The other, not so much. What should I do?

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@Grahamcakes Welcome to the community. Is that a seed husk sticking to the leaves? If so gently try to remove it with a finger nail or a pair of tweezers.


Yep, that’s a helmet head. Looks like it’s almost off. Just need to gently coax it off the rest of the way


@Grahamcakes welcome to the forum!! You are in good hands i agree with the above! Had one of these this season too, just gently removed it! Stay Safe and Lit My Friend!! :fire::fire::fire::v::v:

Actually I just delt with a helmet head almost exactly like I used a humidity dome to make the shell bits softer and after about a day she broke through but she became a lil deformed but I think she’ll pull through


Wow, thank you! I would have never thought of that. Thanks!

When you water put some H2O2 in your water works miracles with germinating, transplanting, problems with plant care especially young plants. 2 tbl spns per gallon + or -