Legalization for Texas

Anyone know anything about legalization for medicinal marijuana/ cultivation/ dispensaries??

I’m pretty sure Texas is extremely strict with its MMJ laws. Someone just posted about it the other day actually, said the Governor/senator daughter is the only one so far who has qualified lol, and it doesn’t surprise me since her parents are “important”. :evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::v:

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I think it’s time I move to Colorado


Texas will probably be the last State to move forward with decriminalization :frowning:


Or Kansas so sad

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Texas and Oklahoma it won’t happen in my life time.


Actually they are conducting breast milk tests in Amarillo and if any residual threat is left in it after a certain amount of time or if it’s necessary to pump and dump as with alcohol. I’m excited to see the results of it.

P.S. There’s a lot of people from California here now so maybe it’ll make it through state legislation :joy:

So is it safe to say that it’s a no go for Texas?

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January is the first available time anything can be voted on by state legislation, many pro marijuana congressman/woman’s made it back and a couple anti pot people lost some seats this November. The odds are real good something could be done about decriminalize it and reduce to 250$ fine like a traffic ticket, there’s a good chance that doctors will get a chance to prescribe it to a soon to be bigger list of diseases it can be prescribed such as PTSD. Those two things can and could be done in 2017. Recreational marijuana could take another couple years