Legal Missouri grow

These are my girls. Outdoor grow in greenhouse. My own Super soil. Bergmans gold leaf. 9.5+ an 6’ across. Just started flower and they are now defoliated. NFSOT legal grow.


Nice looking grow. Fellow Missourian here too.
Been legal growing since it was voted in. I would love to move it outside but I cant meet the requirements here in town. I have halfheartedly looked for a rural property so I could grow outside.
Keep us updated. Hope the weather cooperates till you get them cut and cured.


Monster grow…keep us posted…great growing :bat: :rofl:

Missourian here too. I grow legally indoors too. It’s a total bitch getting the license. Made a human error twice on the renewal application, and they denied, and kept my money. Had to submit a new application, and pay again. Denied again, so resubmitted. Waiting to see what they say this time. Hope I don’t lose another $130. They don’t refund here. Anyway, just venting. Great looking plants.


I had one rejected and simply updated it. Did not have to pay again.
Email them and ask about it. I called them after my first rejection and found them to be very cool about the whole thing. My issue turned out to be in my description of my grow area. I failed to state the “Only I have access to the locked room”
Call them up and tell them what happened. They told me also that as long as I had an application pending that I was legal.

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It’s a long story. We’ve called, done everything possible to get our money back. They said no refunds. Had to do with the dr. referral date submitted. It was an error on their part, but we submitted it without noticing. We have an appeal pending to try to get our money back, but in the meantime we had to do a new application, which was denied for the same reason. Called the dr. And they said it should have worked, and the resubmitted with a different date. We’ll see, we’re waiting. It’s way to complicated for people who are not super tech savvy.

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The interface is clunky and it doesn’t help that things like signature dates don’t update automatically. You have to watch everything closely. Hope you get it sorted.

Me too. Seems like they really don’t want you to have them if there’s anything they can do to stop it. And We’d like to know what they’re going to do with the free money we gave them.

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I thought it was immoral to keep the $10k or $25k that people spent to apply for a dispensary or large commercial grow license. There were hundreds denied and lost that money. It was nothing but a money grab in my opinion.

Yup, agree.

@Rabbitdog , nice plants! Missouri outdoor rules are hard to understand. I thought it couldn’t be visible from the sides? Any more details of your setup to share?