Legal grow here in the states


I live in a state that allows recreational grows so stealth is not necessary. What is the largest auto feminized cannabis plant I can grow.


Autos tend to have lower yields than photos. You can use the seed screener on the ILGM to pick out the highest yielded. I personally got 10oz from an Amnesia Haze Auto from ILGM.


Just wondering If your going to grow out doors in a legal state why not just grow a photo plant which can yield pounds if done correctly ?

Otherwise @WickedAle has given good advice

The wwa is a good producer tho as well
I don’t personally grow autos as a rule tho
I’ll play with them on occasion


This is my first time grow and I’m not sure what I’m doing. Wanted to keep it as simple as possible. Thanks for your comment tho.


I don’t believe that autos are actually any easier for beginners as long as you have a light proof tent. photos tend to be a little more forgiving of mistakes and they give you as much time to get a better understanding of what you are doing before flower


I would agree with the others. Only real advantage to autos is if you don’t have a light tight space indoors. They also can be pretty temperamental into stunting and not growing to be a large well producing plant.

Some people do really good with autos, don’t want to discount their experience. But a photo can give you flexibility to adjust for any issues that come up as you go.


I don’t think autos are any easier either
It takes the same amount of work to grow them they will just flower faster
Anyway welcome and if you need any assistance let us know

I personally think you’d be better off with photos since they are a little more forgiving in my opinion if you have a issue or make a mistake which you will being a first grow and all

Happy growing CB :v:


And in DWC I have found them to take LONGER than photo-period seeds.


I started four autoflower White Widows last summer. I gave two of them to friends that didn’t get them in the ground soon enough and had stunted growth only producing about a 1/2 oz each. They smelled great though. The other two I gave plenty of space and they grew into huge plants. Between the two I got 10 oz. The bigger plants didn’t have much of a smell.


Autos flower when they want to I grew photos as my first because I know I’m going to make mistakes and wanted to have enough time to fix my mistakes before taking them to flower


In reply to why I don’t grow photos, I don’t know what I’m doing so I wanted to keep it as simple as possible. Also the amount of sun I get in my back yard is somewhat limited by trees so I’m growing in cloth pots so I can move them around to optimize the sun.