Left light on during dark cycle

Hello all! So my question is in regards to lights being left on during dark-cycle. I’m currently growing in soil, in my 12th day of flower and last night left my overhead bedroom light on during the entire dark cycle. This is my first grow and I was not sure what to do so I left the lights on in hopes my girls would just pick up where they left off. After researching a bit on the internet, I’m reading about horror stories of hermies and re_vegetating. I have since Turned the Lights Off in my grow room because I have read that 24 hours of complete darkness should help to curve any issue. The only downside is, when i finally turned them off, they had already received 21 hours of light. Anyone experienced with this kind of thing?? Any ideas on next steps? All help is welcome and thanks in advance!

Drop back into the same 12/12 cycle you were in before and hope for the best.


I’ve done it several times. Just resume your normal schedule.


This earily in the game shouldn’t be too bad. Just try not to make a habit of it.


Thanks for the feedback everyone. I’m keeping an eye on em for signs of herm. Also, I have since put a piece of tape over the bedroom light to ensure there’s no more slip-ups lol

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You know, I was thinking the same thing. Being so early into flower, may not have a negative effect. Guess I’ll be finding out in a few days though LOL. Thanks for the feedback