Left in Veg stage to long, need help


Hey Fellers, please look at this question below

“Hey guys, first time to grower and i left my plants in veg stage to long. They’re nearly reaching the top of my tent and i don’t have but a foot left in the grow room. I know it’s a fun time panic, I have heard about scorgging and bending the plants, i am worried about breaking a steam on bending (ive never grown before), but i obliviously need to make someadjustments. Would love to get everyones advice/instructional video or feed back for the situation, I’ve grown my girls for three months and i don’t want to have to start over… or buy a house with higher ceilings. Thanks in advance and feel free to share this to anyone” @blackthumbbetty @Countryboyjvd1971 @FloridaSon @Oldstoner


@Swiss They can grow above the lights and you can tie them down. I had to criss-cross my banana kush as it grew 3x the size in flower. Double the size in flower is normal, so you should be in for a wild ride.

Cut any fans that block the light. Could benefit from an led light bar as well.


Supercropping down to a screen and tying her down will allow you the verticle space you need. If she breaks, apply raw honey and secure with a plant tape or something.


Nice to see you again @Swiss ! I’m about to be gone again, but wanted you to know I miss you along with many others. Thanks for the tag. I’m glad I was here to see it.


Here is the only pic i could find. I had those branches tied all over the the place. 5’ tall tent


As long as you aren’t too far into flower, supercropping gives you great options. I wouldn’t do it after the third week of switching, but others have gone a little later.

I try to avoid stress during flower so LST is the only way to go at that point.


Hey fam welcome again so I had same problem wat u need to do is give it the bendin on the top every day and ty the top but pull it to the bottom but tak it easy this is wat I did wid my one I had mys at 7ft in my 6ft tent so do worry fam u will be good


Got any pics for us?


@blackthumbbetty Who me wat pic u want mate


pics under ‘white’ light might help,
more info would definitely help.!

r the plants still in veg.?
if in flower, when did u flip to 12/12.?
is your light sufficient.?
is your light low enough to minimize the stretching.?

the more info and pics of the grow u give the better advice u can get.!!


Pics from the original poster, of course.