Leeches, friend or foe and how to get rid of them

This is my first time growing outdoors, I’m using fabric root pots with a coco courier mix (sunshine #4) I have added small amounts of Blood Meal , Bone Meal and Dolomite, it seems to work very well for me indoors, but outdoors I’m attracting leeches , they are on the sides of the pots and on surface of medium
Will they harm my plants at all and is there a way to get rid of them, could they be attracted to the Blood Meal , I barely know anything about theses slimy creatures , any suggestions will be highly appreciated

Have any pictures? I’m guessing slugs. And I wouldn’t want them near any of my anything. Little dishes with beer… they love to drown themselves in beer.


I have no pics at the moment, they are brown leeches , I do know that for sure , I will get pics and upload them soon , thanks for the advice about the beer

Crazy and gross. What area are you from (just general)? I’ve never even heard of leeches outside of water till now.

And welcome to the forum :joy:

Lol, I was puzzled myself why they were away from water , I’m in Northern lower Michigan, the sweaty mitten, I do have a pond near by, after reading up on them a little i found that the leeches will latch on to turtles, frogs ect witch we see often and they’ll get carried and once detach they fall where ever they are, they will burrow themselves into the soil and breed, water will make them come to the surface , they also feed off earthworms, so I’m assuming when I do my feed , the moisuter will make them become active and since I’m using fabric they are attracted to the pots , I have also read that salt will kill them but I’m not sure about putting salts around my grows, it’s said they do not feed off live plants but may feed off dead foliage, they are definitely gross I think I take a propane torch and flash them they will detach , hopefully

Plus I’m glad to be here , I have a lot to learn
Thank you

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Sounds like some small mouth bass fishing is what’s called for. Leeches inland? Where is Darwin?

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I am all about repurposing them for smallies! But I’d struggle to enjoy hooking them. There’s just… something about leeches

I think I’d still try the beer… If it kills them you’re in good shape. If it doesn’t you can drink enough beer to not be bothered by how gross they are

Unfortunately I don’t drink , however I think I’m going move them , I have more issues than I thought I never seen leaves turn white , something just isn’t right

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Best of luck

They look like slugs! Beer on a plate and they’ll get drunk and drown!

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After looking again, you are absolutely right … I’ll try the beer , thanks for the advice it’s appreciated