LED's with passive cooling - questions

Hi everyone. My first post here, as I’m thinking about growing for the first time. Looks like a very nice forum you have here. I thought it would be a good forum to join as I love marijuana just as much as the next guy.

I have been searching and learning about led’s for several weeks now. I plan on a small 2’x2’ tent grow (one plant) and needed a safe led light to give me scrogging capability without the added fan noise. I figure that between the inline exhaust fan and then another to circulate air inside the tent, that I would have enough fan noise to deal with without adding exhaust fans on a light fixture. I need to have very little noise coming from my tent.

I have read some great posts on a number of brands like Mars, Galaxy, Kind and Black Dog. They are great lights but all run 2 or 3 internal fans. I have been limiting myself to passively cooled units for more silent running.

I am afraid to build a DIY project and would worry about burning my house down. Otherwise I would have considered building a cree cob design myself.

I have been strongly considering the 100w Closet Case from Spectrum King lights.

I also found another company called Starlite: http://www.starlite-led.com/
but they have not gone into complete production yet and what they offer is pricey.

I would welcome any thoughts on the Closet Case or any other lights that come to mind. Much thanks.

@babyfacedfinster I went with 2 of the 300 watt meizhi led and if you only need one for your size 10 I actually started the exact same way this light will do start to finish I paid 65 for it I think and now it’s up to 75 and under six months so they obviously know it’s worth more than what they’re asking but they’re great lights and worked well for me hope this helps


@babyfacedfinster I don’t know what you’re spending Is if I could do it over again I would get the platinum LED 300 W or bigger but I have three 300 W and one 600 W Meizhi and I’ve been very happy with them but I know that those top shelf LED lights like that you can get some massive yields

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I bought a generic 300 watt led / 140 true watts on eBay for $50 it has fans but it doesn’t add that much noise to tent. Mine is 2x3 and one light is plenty. Just my 2 cents. It’s 2x2 no need to spend a ton of dough.

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I have 3 of the led with internal fans. My inline exhaust fan created much more noise than the led fans. Any noise from the inline fan is likely going to be greater than the leds. YRMV.


The grow area is right below the attic. I was planning on running insulated ducting about 6 feet up into the attic and placing the inline fan (wrapped in foam) up there to draw air up and into the attic. Was hoping this would cut down on much of the inline fan noise.

If I don’t go with a truly passive led light with heatsink only, then I need to find an led with pretty quiet fans.

I do like the platinum 150 lights. I don’t know how loud they are.