LEDs… watts or what

I posted here that I’m using LED flood lights that are 150 W equivalent. They actually use 14 watts ea and I have six of them. I was advised that that may not be enough light. They are very bright. I went on eBay and looked at 1000w grow lights that showed actual usage was .8 amps , 8/10 A which calculates to only 90w actual current. Are LED lights rated as equivalent light? Mine show output of 1700 lumens. I have six of them on my plants. If a grow light says 1000 w it should draw 9 A not .8/10A Any words of wisdom?

The light you probably look at ebay are the knock offs the cheapest 1 don’t offer real spectrum. Now the top of the line lights do draw more than 9a

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Much advertisement about LEDs is false. Higher end light companies give you what they tell you. Chinese lights rarely do.

There’s a lot to it.
The HLG 260 runs 260watts
Mars hydro ts1000 runs 150 watts


What is the spectrum of the flood lights 3k, 3.5k or 5k or something different?
You could use things like flood lights but if you trying to use them from seed to harvest, they need to be 3k-3.5k and you need about 300w worth of them at minimum…

But honestly man, I know it’s probably not what you want to here, but you really should get a proper horticulture light. And not a cheap 100w one. Something 250w at least. Horticulture lighting group makes the best, Spiderfarmer is a good budget brand.

You will save money on your electric bill and you have the peice of mind knowing you’re going to have good fat nugs…

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Yup I agree with everything said above. Highly recommend looking into HLG (Horticulture Lighting Group) Lights. Lighting is the biggest thing you don’t want to skimp on. It is literally the energy used by the plant to grow.

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Thanks for the info. I’m actually growing outdoors so there is some filtered sunlight but not direct. The lights on To supplement that up on that and also for photoperiod purposes. I checked out the other light to mention pretty interesting. I can’t leave my plants outside in full sun because the rain here can get spontaneously fierce when you least expect it They are in an orchid house

Like the others said, if dealing with cheap leds there’s going to be all kinds of misleading print to make them seem better than they are.


There’s a lot to unpack here. Don’t worry about the current (amperage) unless you’re limited to a single circuit that can only support 15amps. If so you’ll want to limit your grow equipment to 11amps.

For the lights, you could be running the perfect watt/sqft and if the color spectrum is wrong, the plants will not grow well. So you need to know the color temp of your lights.


Not sure of the color temp, The label says daylight but not an actual temp. They are getting some sunlight so these are only to supplement because they’re under shade in a greenhouse. Thanks for your note

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Oh I see :+1:
I’ve been known to use them as supplemental myself in the past for shady areas

Hello. I got a vipaspectra P1000 for like 65 bux on ebay. I highly recomend it. I was and still am on a very tight budget. But i have gotten great results.